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Is ISIS Helping Washington Turn The U.S. Into A Police State?

It was just as I predicted…

Following the President’s recent address on terrorism, the red flags are already starting to pop up that our civil liberties are on the chopping block…

… and they’re not even hiding it!

Sure, no one wants to give terrorists an easy way to plan out attacks on U.S. soil, but at what cost?

Is ISIS Turning The US Into A Police State?

The White House said yesterday that it was engaged in conversations with the technology community (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as others) about taking ‘common sense’ measures to prevent terrorists from operating freely in cyber space.

What it wants them to do differently, they couldn’t (wouldn’t?) say.

But this smells strongly of the same Prism Project stench that has already targeted freedom-loving Americans with unconstitutional invasion of our privacy.

Are things about to get worse?

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on where we’re headed… and what you’re concerned with.

Let me know what you think…

Is The “War On Terror” Making It Easy For The Government To Stomp On Our Privacy And Civil Liberties?

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