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“Knife Fighting” – Controversial Technique Prevents A “Fight Fail”

I don’t usually get into the down-and-dirty details of knife fighting, but this is one of those tips that everyone should know…

…at least, you should if you carry a kerambit.

These are powerful infighting knives that let you get up close and personal with an attacker.

But there are times when you’re just out of reach and your attacker is about to move in – and THAT’s when you need…

The Controversial Kerambit “Extension” Technique

Kerambit (Karambit) Best Knife Fighting Techniques
Kerambit (Karambit) Best Knife Fighting Techniques

You know already, if you like these knives, that they’re used in the reverse grip for powerful slashing in close quarters.

This gives you a lot of leverage, but it limits your range.

For you to make contact with the blade, your attacker has to be right on top of you.

But what if he’s just out of range and you need to preempt his attack before he moves in?

That’s when you can flip the kerambit to full extension on its ring, like this:

The technique is controversial because your grip on the kerambit is much weaker this way.

To make it work, you let the wicked curve of the knife do the job for you, and just kind of PULL it through the target.

I know… YECCCH!.

But if your life is in danger, well… desperate times, amiright?

Right about now, I’m betting that if you don’t have a fixed-blade kerambit, you’re probably thinking of getting one.

And if you already have one, as crazy as the laws are getting these days, it might be a good idea to pick up a spare.

You could pay a bundle for a nice fixed blade kerambit to carry as a defensive tool, but I like this one, which you can have dirt cheap.

It’s just as effective as more expensive blades, and comes with a nice low-profile scabbard that is no bigger than it needs to be.

(Oh, and here’s some “insider info” for you – that page may pop up a bunch of other offers for you, one after another as they try to “upsell you” after you put in your information, but you can skip through them all if they’re not what you’re looking for.

Obviously, it isn’t, strictly speaking, “free” — you’re paying for shipping and they’re hoping to get you to buy more when you check out, which is how they make money on the offer – just do NOT say yes, or click the boxes, for any recurring membership stuff if they offer it, which they sometimes do.

Personally, I like package deals when I buy online, but everybody’s different, and it won’t affect your kerambit purchase if you don’t get the extras, and this is a great way to pick up a fixed blade for almost nothing.)

No matter which blade you choose, though, if you carry a kerambit, remember this technique.

It could save your bacon when you need it most.

Do You Carry A Kerambit? Why Or Why Not?

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