MCS 119: Trump Predictions

MCS 119: Trump Predictions

Trump Presidency Predictions

I admit it…

I wasn’t a “Trump Fan”.

But as a patriotic American, I respect the democratic process and I’ll give anyone a shot.

In fact, our foundational “political principle” as company has always been that we talk to all survivalists regardless of their political opinion.

Democrats love their kids just as much as Republicans, Libertarians, Green, or whatever.  

Our audience covers all ends of the spectrum, which is why we train on “survival“.  

Period.  End of story.

But from the wild rollercoaster ride of a campaign, is there anything we can take from Trump’s comments and actions that give us a hint of what to expect in the years ahead?

This week you get the pleasure of listening to my personal rant on what might be coming up.

I’d love to get your (respectful) opinion as well!.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s broadcast…

  • The “Trump Economy”!  Will we ALL finally be billionaires?  Or is doomsday still on the horizon?
  • Our your guns REALLY safe? (I’ll share the #1 threat you STILL face that could throw your 2nd Amendment rights straight down the toilet!)
  • The Trump/Putin love story… and why the honeymoon will be over before you know it!
  • Combating ISIS!  I make a wild leap of a prediction that we may be in for more of a battle than we think.
  • The “other terrorist”… and why (in my humble opinion) it doesn’t even matter who the hell is President.

No haters allowed…

Love him or hate him, Trump is in… and we’re all in this together.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Free Death Of Freedom Report

 What Do YOU Think A Trump Presidency Means To Survivalists?

Please Share Your Respectful Opinion Below Now…

(Fair Warning: Haters of any kind will be blocked.)

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