MCS 148: Saving Our Forgotten Soldiers

MCS 148: Saving Our Forgotten Soldiers

Recently, the Chair of the House Committee On Veterans Affairs brought it into perspective…

During the Civil War, it was called “Soldier’s Heart”

In WWI, it was “Shell Shock”

In WWII, we called it “Battle Fatigue”

Today you and I know it as “Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” – or “PTSD” – and it’s claiming the lives of 20 veterans a DAY who commit suicide as a result of the psychological wounds they experience while fighting for the rights and freedoms we all enjoy.

As a combat veteran who has suffered from PTSD myself, I’ve set out to end this tragic trend with our “Operation Save Our Soldiers” and my joining the Board of The Elk Institute – a non-profit that has literally found a CURE for combat-related PTSD.

Yes… a CURE!

And now YOU can help save a soldier’s life… and I’m willing to bribe you for it in this week’s podcast episode.

Operation Save Our Soldiers

PTSD Awareness

Thanks Everyone! You Helped Raise $859.90 To Help Our Combat Vets Suffering From PTSD!

You’re The BEST!

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