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MCS 235: Who Is Jeff Anderson?

Don’t worry…

I really don’t expect anyone other than my MOM to listen to this week’s podcast episode. 🙂

But for anyone who’s ever been a fan of what we do and wondered why the hell you would EVER want to listen to lil’ ol’ me for any kind of tactical or survival advice… well, here I am… unplugged, unedited, kimono wide-open!

This week’s podcast won’t offer a lot of practical advice (so you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip it), but WILL give you a personal insight into my past experience, my training, my family, and how I personally approach everything from self-defense… to politics… to eating bugs.

You may not agree with all I have to say… but it’s the real Jeff Anderson – tighty whiteys and all. 🙂

Who The Hell Is Jeff Anderson?

The Kimono Is STILL Open…

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