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MCS 275 – The Truth About Firearms Night Sights


If you own a firearm, for home defense or concealed carry, you’ve probably heard it:

“Most attacks happen in low-light environments.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Armed bad guys are looking for an easy surprise ambush so their targets won’t fight back…

…AND they don’t want anybody around, including you, to be able to identify them!

Knowing the chances are high that any attack will happen in low light, it just stands to reason you won’t be as effective in defending yourself…

…Which is why you absolutely should upgrade your firearm’s sights for low light.

But which should you get?

Fiber optics, or true “night sights?”

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson prepares you for the roller-coaster ride of “expert” opinions when it comes to night sights… and helps you sort through it all to make the RIGHT call for your guns.


Tactical Firearms Night Sights


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The disadvantages of true “night sights.”
  • The one life-or-death decision that trumps ALL sights – “night sights” or otherwise!
  • How to tell when “night sights” will be USELESS in a low-light shooting scenario.
  • How to overcome the problem of “spotlighting” washing out your sights!
  • Whether you should use a mounted light or a separate tactical light.

When it comes to firearms and accessories, you could throw a rock and hit twenty “experts.”

Learn how to sift through the BS and make the right call when it comes to your gun.

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