MCS Podcast 14: "Split-Second" Gunfighting Tricks With Tony Walker
  • MCS Podcast 14: “Split-Second” Gunfighting Tricks With Tony Walker

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    It’s not seconds that count in a life-or-death gunfight… it’s SPLIT-SECONDS!

    Your ability to survive a real attack where you’re armed and ambushed lies in your ability to get your finger on the trigger before your attacker even knows he’s targeted the wrong victim.

    In this podcast, expert Tony Walker shares the sneaky gunfighting tricks to gaining that critical “half-second advantage” that could be the one thing you need to get home to your family safe and sound… and send some scumbag straight to the hospital on his way to prison.

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    Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

    Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

    • The anatomy of a real life-or-death gunfight… and why your survivability is already pitting you against the odds.
    • Home invasion! It’s your turf, but a violent ambush can overwhelm even the most  fortified castle and the tactics Tony shares will give you back control when you need it most.
    • Jedi mind tricks to mentally disarm an attacker long enough for you to quickly get to Ol’ Betsy and turn the tables on him before he even knows what hit him!
    • How to use your attacker’s confidence as a psychological weapon against them so they basically defeat themselves even though they thought you were an easy target.
    • Real training tips you can use right now for gaining that critical half second advantage you need to survive!

    If you own a firearm for personal defense, this podcast is a must.

    Criminals don’t play fair… and neither should you!

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