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MCS Podcast 44: Knife Defense Tactics To Survive A Street Ambush!

Would it surprise you to know that the knife is 3 times as deadly as a gun in a real street attack?

It’s true!

And when you’re facing the cold, sharp steel of some street thug’s blade, you damn well better forget all those fancy, schmancy knife defense moves you see in the movies and on television.

And Jermaine Andre knows from experience!

The reality of what it takes to survive is going to force you to call on not just technique… but also a complete mental shift of what you’re actually fighting.

Knife Defense Tactics For Surviving A Street Blade Attack!


Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • What makes a knife attack so deadly that the FBI considers it to be an even bigger threat on the street than any firearm!
  • “Red flags” you MUST know in order to get advanced warning you’re  being targeted for a knife ambush!
  • Will you get cut?  Some experts say “yes, always”… others say they can teach you how to never spill a drop of blood.  But they’re all asking the wrong question and you’ll finaly discover the truth.
  • Should you try to disarm your attacker?  Or fight the man holding the knife?
  • Realistic training strategies for defending against a blade!  (Safe… and FUN!)
  • How to fight with a knife (and train for the ultimate weapon battle)!

It’s almost an absolute certainty that if you’re ever targeted for a street crime, your attacker will be armed with a knife.

The information you’re about to discover could mean the difference between life and death.

Listen in… train… survive!

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