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MCS Podcast 46: Multi-Attacker Gunfight Tactics With EJ Owens

You already know that the criminals walking your streets don’t like to take any chances, right?

If you’re going to be attacked, it’s likely to be by 2, 3, or even more thugs who think you’re an easy target.

Fortunately, you’ve got your “smoke-wagon” at your side and a feeling like this gang just picked the wrong sucker to try and take down.

But putting a stop to a bunch of badasses with blood in their eyes isn’t the same as firing against one dinky paper target down at the gun range.

You need to think, move, and train in a way that takes into account all the dynamics of engaging multiple attackers with your firearm.

Fortunately, you’ve got EJ Owens to share some of his street-proven tricks that will help you take your personal protection skills to the next level.

Surviving A Gunfight With 2, 3… Or EVEN MORE Attackers!


Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • Why training for single-thug combat is NOT the same thing as a multiple attacker ambush… and what to do about it!
  • The “top 3” considerations you need to look at when choosing a personal defense weapon for the reality of a street gunfight!  (This may upset a few die-hard loyalists out there… but keep an open mind please. You may just change what you carry based on this segment alone.)
  • Movement tactics for the fast-paced chaos of a multiple attacker engagement!
  • Who should you shoot first?  (How to prioritize your shots to take down every last threat before they ever get the drop on you!)
  • Real-world “training drill” you can do (even at home) that will help you prepare for this worst-case attack scenario!

It’s time to take your training far beyond the typical “marksmanship” drills you’re used to doing – and get ready for the way gunfights REALLY happen on the street!

Have Any Good Multiple Attacker Gun Drills?

Please Share Your Training Tips Below Now…

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