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MCS Podcast #72: Clinch-Range Gunfighting With “Southnarc” Craig Douglas


Be honest…

Is your firearms training realistic for how you’ll really be attacked in the street?

Violently… with no warning… and in the tight space between cars in a parking lot?

If you’re like most people, your training (if any) consists of a trip down to the local gun range to shoot at static paper targets at 7-10 yards away.

But extreme cqc gunfighting expert, Craig Douglas (aka. “Southnarc”), has a dose of reality for you… and some cutting edge tactics for how to train for – and survive – in extreme close-quarters with your firearm.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The 3 biggest mistakes most gun-owners make that will get you KILLED in a close-quarters ambush! (Plus, the #1 “survival solution” you must learn today!)
  • What if your attacker goes for your gun? This simple “retention plan” will make sure you don’t get shot with your own weapon!
  • How to gain back the “offensive advantage” even if you’re being pounded on with a barrage of punches!
  • What to do when your armed response turns into a do-or-die ground fight!
  • Simple (and realistic!) gun-fighting drills… you can even do in your home!

Don’t let your training die at the gun range door!

This is the “no b.s.” truth you must prepare for – and TRAIN for – if you’re ever going to survive the real thing!

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