MCS Podcast #74: 1-Strike Knockouts With Peyton Quinn

MCS Podcast #74: 1-Strike Knockouts With Peyton Quinn

How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch

The 1-strike knockout!

It might surprise you to know that being able to dish out a one-strike fight-finisher isn’t just for the well-trained boxer or MMA fighter.

In fact, in a real street fight, your ability to quickly end the attack before you get tired out or overtaken could decide your fate.

But is a one-strike knockout just a “lucky punch”?  Or a “scientific superpower” that anyone can master?

Reality-based self-defense guru, Peyton Quinn, has some first-hand experience with that answer – and can make one-strike knockouts a reality for YOU as well…

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The “anatomy of a knockout”!  No fancy-schmancy biology lessons to learn here… just plain-talk body dynamics to lay a foundation for your awesome 1-strike skill set!
  • “Boxer knockouts”: Why and how they work!  This common crowd-pleaser is something expert boxers know and train for. Now their secret is yours!
  • The brain-rattling secret of a deep South evangelist minister that could make ANYONE a believer in your magical “knockout powers”!
  • Why the common “punch to the head” may actually be the HARDEST way to knock someone out! (Peyton reveals a super-simple way to take a thug off his feet that even my dear old granny can pull off!)
  • Plus… even more “fight-ending secrets”!

Yes, you will be an absolute badass once you listen to this broadcast!

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