MCS Podcast #75: The Do-It-Yourself Nuclear Fallout Shelter With Joel Skousen

MCS Podcast #75: The Do-It-Yourself Nuclear Fallout Shelter With Joel Skousen

No, the specter of nuclear war is NOT over!

The threat of a nuclear disaster is very real and it wasn’t so long ago that building nuclear fallout shelters was all the rage.

(I still remember the “duck and cover” drills in my grade school classroom!)

But can the Average Joe & Jane, REALLY do something to protect themselves from the effects of a nuclear disaster?

This week I spoke with our favorite “strategic location” expert, Joel Skousen, about the practicality of a nuclear threat scenario… and how to build your own “fallout shelter” to protect yourself and those you love!

The DIY Fallout Shelter To Keep You Breathing After Nuclear Disaster


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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • Why building your own fallout shelter does NOT place you in with the “tin foil hat crowd”… and the no b.s. truth about the threat we face from a nuclear incident.
  • How to select the best location for a simple shelter that doesn’t require you to dig a giant cavern in your backyard (and convince your neighbors it’s really for a “pool”!)
  • Materials you’ll need and a briefing on how to construct your own makeshift fallout shelter that will shield you from the effects of a nuclear disaster.
  • Simple steps (and gear) to safeguard your lungs from “fallout air” generated by a nuclear attack.
  • Little-known features every fallout shelter should have stockpiled BEFORE an incident takes place!

This isn’t one of those things you want to procrastinate on.

Besides, it’ll make a badass man-cave for when the wife kicks you out of the house for stumbling in drunk from the Friday night poker game, right?

Just sayin’.

Have YOU Considered A Nuclear Threat In Your Survival Planning?

Please Share What Steps You Think Are Most Critical To Planning In The Comments Below…

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