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MCS 137: (1 of 6) “No B.S.” Military Stories & Survival Tips – Mickey Mouse

I want to get more “personal” with you…

I mean, you’re probably as frustrated as I am how the interwebs are filled with bullsh*t advice from “fantasy preppers”, right?

These are “experts” who have never had to spend a night outside of their cozy king-size bed – let alone face an anger-fueled mob of hungry, desperate citizens and following some of this advice could get you killed in a real survival scenario.

Well, in this 6-part series, I’ll share some funny (and hair-raising) stories from my decade in the U.S. Army that will separate the fact from fiction and help you prepare for a real disaster, crisis, collapse, or attack.

Starting with… “Mickey Mouse”?

“No BS” Military Stories: Seeking Out The Suck

Military Survival Training

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • What a 2 a.m. wake-up call in the bitter, freezing tundra taught me about “risk-reward”… and what to expect from 99% of the population during a collapse scenario!
  • Are YOU customizing your preparedness? Moving beyond the “copy & paste” mind-set of getting ready…
  • “Seek the suck!” – Taking action on “walking the talk” to elevate your readiness to the next level!

This one night of misery taught me some valuable lessons about the reality of the choices we make NOW to prepare for future crisis.

I hope you find this story entertaining as much as you find it useful!

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Do YOU Have A Personal Story That Taught You A Valuable Survival Lesson?

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