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Multiple Attacker Self-Defense: Mastering Your Killer Instinct

Jeff Anderson

Facing a multiple attacker self-defense scenario is one of the most life-threatening situations you could ever find yourself in.

Most martial arts training however, only covers one-on-one attacks.

The truth is, when it comes to real street fights, you’re typically not going to be facing a one-on-one battle – and even more important than “technique” is having the right mind-set to survive.

I caught up with self-defense expert Lee Morrison recently to talk with him about how to switch on the ruthless mind, that kill-or-be-killed mental attitude, that can get you through a real-life multiple attacker self-defense ambush.

Multiple Attacker Self-Defense:
Mastering Your “Killer Instinct” To Survive

multiple attacker self defense training

Lee Morrison Self DefensePredators choose odds that are favorable to them, and this means that, whenever possible, they will outnumber you when they can.

Every assault is a potential multiple attacker scenario for that reason… and if your self-defense training isn’t teaching you to deal with a group of predators at one time, it’s priming you to fail.

Facing multiple attackers requires you to turn on your KILLER INSTINCT to switch on the most brutal inner part of yourself, so that you can meet this life-threatening scenario with the savagery needed to see you through it.

You’re not going to pull that out of a hat at the moment of the event.

It’s something you’ve got to build within yourself BEFORE you face multiple attackers.

If you can’t avoid a problem, you’re a cornered animal, and any of your multiple attackers could be armed, which makes everything worse.

Are You Psyching Yourself Out?

How you think, how your mind works, will inevitably affect the outcome of an altercation like this, because how you think affects how you feel.

If you think, “Oh my God, there are so many of them, and there’s nothing I can do; I’m dead,” that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You absolutely have to think differently when facing multiple attackers.

If you think, “They’re going to murder me, look at the size of these guys,” you have DEFEATED yourself at the psychological level and you will never be able to turn on your own killer instinct.

You MUST fight your way out of that mindset!

The Magic Words For Pysching Yourself Up For Multiple Attackers

Instead, when facing multiple attackers, you have to think to yourself, “Where’s my nearest strike to destroy this mother f*cker in front of me with 1 shot? What opportunities do I have here?”

It’s a different way of thinking.

You need to think along the lines of a predator.

Rather than thinking like a “victim”, you need to think about how your’e going to make a “victim” out of your attackers… and then take the fight to THEM!

But here’s the thing…

You can’t build that kind of mindset at the last minute.

It has to be trained and inculcated BEFORE you’re staring into the faces of a gang of thugs who aren’t going to let you leave without a fight.

Training For A Multiple Attacker Street Fight Scenario…

Being violently attacked by 2, 3, 4 or more brutal gangbangers is no walk in the park.

That’s why the ultimate multiple attacker self-defense training strategy includes simulated adrenal stress.

You need to try to simulate that kind of attack in a safe setting under conditions that put you under psychological stress and force you to unleash your aggression on your training partners.

In this way, you learn to “flip the switch” mentally so that when the real event comes, you’re familiar with how that will feel to you.

This is something best done under the direction of a skilled instructor… but you can take the first step yourself by at least learning the dynamics of a real street fight and the close-quarter combat tactics it takes to survive.

Then find a qualified trainer who can skillfully amp up your adrenaline to add realism to your defense.

Have You Ever Faced More Than One Attacker At The Same Time?

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