Multiple Attacker Street Fight Cues - How To Know If It's Do Or Die!

Multiple Attacker Street Fight Cues – How To Know If It’s Do Or Die!

When facing multiple attackers, your best defense is always to escape as quickly as possible, to put the danger behind you.

Fighting in general is incredibly dangerous and you must always avoid it when you can.

But if you’re cornered by multiple attackers and there is no escape, you have to know what tactics will get you home safe and what tactics will get you killed.

Knowing how the attack will unfold can make all the difference when facing this kind of threat.

If you take down one of the assailants hard and fast, it may cause the others to reconsider just how easy a mark you might be. Every scenario is different, of course.

The first thing to do is assess the assailants and try to recognize threats, and here’s…

How To Know If You’re Facing Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight

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Identify The Alpha Male In A Multiple Attacker Scenario

The “alpha male” among multiple attackers will make eye contact with you early on.

During that moment of eye contact, he is “interviewing” you, assessing whether you are an eligible target.

From there, he will communicate with his fellow attackers.

Generally he will say something, and they will in turn look at you.

This group communication, followed by eye contact among the attackers, tells you a lot about what you need to know to deal with the potential problem coming at you.

If you can assess that situation from 50 feet away, or from 20 feet away, you at least have some time to do something.

You can run, you can get armed, you can do something else… and at the very least you can mentally prepare yourself for the savagery you must unleash on your attackers to get out of this deadly scenario.

If You Miss The Early Cues In Fighting Multiple Attackers

If you miss that early cue that tells you who is in charge, from that point the attackers will try to arrest your escape routes and invade your personal space with introductory dialogue.

As your attackers do that, the alpha male will generally engage you in conversation while the others triangulate you to take you out from the flanks.

It is from that point that the assault will happen, from all directions at once.

Most People Don’t See Multiple Attackers Until It’s Too Late

Most people don’t see a multiple attacker situation coming until it’s too late.

They’re too busy looking at their phones or listening to the iPods to pay attention.

The first they realize they’re in a deadly situation is when they’re about to be hit, and then it’s too late.

By understanding how a multiple attacker scenario unfolds, you can spot it from farther away.

The more space you have between you and the attackers, the more of a reactionary gap you have in which to formulate a plan of response.

No matter what you do, recognizing the threat from as far away as possible increases your chances of survival.

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