How A Retired Navy SEAL Exposed A Weak Link In Your Firearms Training (And The Technique He Developed To Fix It Fast!)

How A Retired Navy SEAL Exposed A Weak Link In Your Firearms Training (And The Technique He Developed To Fix It Fast!)

jeff_anderson_no_bg_150x200From The Editor:

You’ve probably heard the saying before, “Train the way you want to fight because you’ll fight the way you trained.”

This is wisdom that you can take to the bank.

When your stress level gets so high that your adrenaline starts pumping at breakneck speed through your body, you lose most of your critical thinking ability.

My buddy, Ox, recently teamed up with a retired Navy SEAL and discovered that the way that most people were training (even in so called “advanced firearms classes”) was actually creating what he calls “Linear Range Training Scars“.

This team of SEAL instructors then developed some very unique ways anyone can overcome bad handgun response habits and take your training to the next level. (See their unusual training methods here…)

I’ll let David fill you in on…

How A Retired Navy SEAL Exposed A Critical Firearms Training Mistake Nearly Everyone Makes…

…And The Simple Solution He Developed To Fix It Fast!

Navy SEAL Handgun Course


I know it may be hard to believe, but even if you’ve attended more advanced firearms training courses, what you learned could actually be threatening your life if you’re ever attacked and your life is on the line.

You see, it comes down to what’s referred to as “linear range training scars”.

Essentially, these are the scars that you get when you spend the majority, or all of your training and practice time on a linear range… a range where you can only shoot “downrange”.

You can’t shoot the walls… you can’t shoot behind you.. you can’t even point your muzzle towards the ceiling or over the berm.

Because of this, it programs your mind to only think in a straight line, in front of you. (Hell, you’re not even supposed to point your weapon anywhere but “down range”, right?)

Examples Of Linear Range Training Scars

When we filmed our Navy SEAL force-on-force firearm training, we noticed some very common mistakes that even our advanced students were making, like…

  • In one example, Larry (one of the instructors) had come out of a doorway, demanding the wallet of a newer student. The student drew his sim gun and engaged Larry, but he never conducted a 360 check…

…and another instructor came up behind him and “killed” him with a training knife.

  • In another example, an experienced shooter got out of a training car and pretended to fill it with gas when an instructor came up from the shadows with a firearm already exposed.

The student pulled his gun… half dropped to a knee and fired… the instructor fell down… and then the student simply stood there for more than 2 minutes in total “brain freeze” and never looked behind him to see if there was another threat.

Want to know why this happened?

Because in 99% of all firearms training classes… THERE IS NO THREAT BEHIND YOU!

But in real life, criminals often run in gangs and have accomplices keeping watch or are waiting with a car to get out of the area.

As soon as they’re in trouble, their buddy can come up behind you with a baseball bat, knife, or just shoot you from a distance.

How To Overcome Your Linear Range Training Scars

Ok, don’t get me wrong…

Range training is valuable – but if you think you might ever need to use a pistol in self defense, you also need to practice techniques that will work in the real-360 degree-world where a threat can come from anywhere at any time.

Here’s a quick fix from our Concealed Carry Masters DVD training set

  1. Get a blue (or red) inert training gun or even a SIRT laser training gun
  2. Set up some real life training scenarios in your home that include sitting, laying, light, dark, turning, and moving.
  3. Now, work with a training partner and a red, blue, or SIRT inert training gun (or even a stick or finger gun, if you have to) and have them stand behind you while you’re training.
  4. As you’re practicing various responses in front of you, have your partner alternate holding a weapon and showing malicious intent but also sometimes just acting like someone who’s in shock at just seeing a shooting.

The key with this exercise is to force yourself to not just train your brain to be aware of the 360 degree zone around you… but to also program yourself to recognize a threat and respond.

This is the kind of stuff that you don’t want to be doing for the first time when you find yourself in the middle of an attack, right?

Now, if you’re interested in plugging into ultra high-speed, low-drag, accelerated firearms learning techniques developed by a retired Team 3 Navy SEAL, I strongly suggest that you check out Ox’s Navy SEAL concealed carry course here…

It’s firearms training, and results, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and are guaranteed to bring your skills to a whole new level of survivability!

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