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MCS Podcast 33: Street Ground Fighting With Damian Ross

I know you’ve heard the so-called “street fight stats”…

“85% of all streetfights go to the ground”, right?

Hell, I think I’ve used that statistic at least a bazillion times myself… and regardless of the actual numbers, the fact is you are likely to end up on the ground in a real fight – and that’s the last place you want to be!

In this week’s broadcast, we’re joined by Damian Ross to share his most brutal tactics for surviving a ground fight and unleash Holy Hell on your attacker no matter how bad the odds may be.

Life-Saving Groundfight Survival Tactics For The Streets

Groundfighting Street Fight Self Defense

Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • The critical difference between “grappling” and “ground fighting”… and how one of them could get you killed unless you understand this important definition!
  • The best ways to avoid getting trapped on the ground (and how to quickly get back on your feet if you’re thrown, dragged, or tackled in close quarters)!
  • Brutal strikes that will end the fight fast!
  • How to avoid getting stomped to death by multiple attackers when you’re trapped on the bottom of a ground fight!
  • How to train for groundfighting (and why a training partner could actually be the WORST thing to help you prepare)!

No self-defense plan is complete without making sure you know how to survive if the attack takes you to the ground.

Check out these simple tactics now and discover the true secrets to groundfighting survival!

Do You Have A Favorite Ground Fighting Move?

Please Share Your Insights Below…

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