MCS Podcast 23: Snub-Nose Secrets With Michael de Bethencourt
  • MCS Podcast 23: Snub-Nose Secrets With Michael de Bethencourt

    Snub Nose Revolver Training With Michael DeBethencourt

    If you’re a “bigger is better” class of gun-owner, then you may be missing out on the big stopping power available in probably the most overlooked weapon you should consider adding to your personal defense arsenal…

    … the snubbie!

    Fortunately, snubs have a vocal advocate in my good friend, Michael de Bethencourt, who has made it his mission to convert responsibly-armed citizens to the serious life-saving potential these little pipsqueeks can offer you.

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    Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s broadcast:

    • Why the snub-nose revolver has a distinct advantage (yes… ADVANTAGE!) over many other personal defense firearms.
    • The 3 most important features to look for when choosing a snubbie for concealed carry!
    • Critical factors in doing a rapid re-load of your wheelgun in the middle of an adrenalized gunfight!
    • How to maximize the snub-nose revolver’s stopping power with the right ammunition!
    • Close-quarters gunfighting! Real-world tactics for putting the snubbie into action during an ambush attack!

    You’re almost guaranteed to become a “snubbie convert” after listening to Michael’s brain-spanking logic and strategies!

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