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Who Says Point Shooting Drills Are Just For Pistols? Grab Your Rifle Or Shotgun And Try These 2 Exercises…

If you own a handgun for personal and home defense, then hopefully you’re adding in “point shooting” tactical drills into your training.

This style of training will absolutely save your life in a real “close quarters” gunfight.

But did you know that you can use this same type of tactical shooting method with an assault rifle or shotgun?

Think about it…

Most people who own a “long gun” only practice using their sights or a scope.

That’s great for long-distance shooting beyond about 25 meters – but in the tight areas of your home or a building (as in a home invasion or urban warfare), you’ll be engaging your target at much closer ranges that this, right?

So if you’re not practicing “point shooting” tactics with your rifle or shotgun, you’re really only “half-trained” (if that!).

Here are some “point-shooting” tips you can use:

  • First, make sure you’re being safe and use either an airsoft version of your weapon (preferred), a laser trainer, or a confirmed unloaded weapon with ammo in another room, etc.

Now, there are really 2 methods you need to master…

1. “Aimed Quick Fire” (For targets 16-25 meters away)

Rifle Point Shooting Drill - Aimed

This version will give you the best combination of accuracy and rapid response when you have that extra second and you’re aiming at a smaller target due to distance.

When you ID a target, quickly bring your weapon up to your shoulder and look at the target (NOT your sights or scope) with both eyes open.

Try to notice the “ghost front sight” that shows up as see-through sight picture as you’re focused on your target.

With no waiting, fire only a single shot (so you can see where your critical first round would go).

2. “Pointed Quick Fire” (For targets up to 15 meters)

Point Shooting Rifle Drill - Quick

This is for “fast-response engagement” where you have little warning, so all you’ll do upon identifying your target is pull the rifle to your side – level and just above your hip.

Quickly fire a single round to work on your first shot accuracy in this mode.

Once you get your first round accuracy down, you can then progress up to playing with advanced tactical dry-fire drills in your home or improvised tactical range you’ve built.

Consider scenarios where you’ll need multiple shots and even multiple targets.

Enjoy the training! 🙂

What’s Your Favorite Way To Train With A Rifle Or Shotgun?

Share Your Training Tips Below…

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