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MCS Podcast #88: Prison Fighting Secrets With Jermaine Andre

As an inmate in America’s toughest prisons, you’re literally faced with the potential of “kill or be killed” on a daily basis.

To survive, you must condition your mind, your body, and your fighting skills.

As much as we “talk” about the reality of real street fights within the self-defense training arena, when it comes to truly surviving a violent, vicious attack by the asocial predatory criminal, most martial arts fall short.

So we caught up with combatives expert, fight champion (and ex-felon) Jermaine Andre to get his insights and first-hand experience about what it took to survive “on the inside”… and how YOU can use this knowledge to your advantage should you suddenly come face-to-face with a hardened criminal.

Secrets Of Real-Life Prison Fighting

Prison Fighting Secrets

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The “street thug mindset”: What the experienced felon knows about choosing and attacking his victims that most people can’t even comprehend!
  • How to know when you’re facing an “experienced” felon capable of unspeakable violence vs. just the average barroom knucklehead who poses little threat.
  • What it REALLY takes to win a fight when you’re staring eyeball-to-chest with a bigger, stronger attacker who’s ready to separate your head from your shoulders!
  • “Dirty fight moves” that you can master NOW for when you suddenly realize that there’s no such thing as a “fair fight” in the streets!
  • Real-world training tactics to prepare you for facing a professional predator (WITHOUT having to go rob a liquor store in order to enroll on a “prison proving ground”!)

This is a rare opportunity to gain into the “prison fight science” you’ll never want to face.

And the secrets you’ll discover will make you better prepared to identify a true threat… and surprise your attacker with a brutal counterattack!

Do You Know Anyone Who Has Ever Spent Time In Prison?

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