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Red Flag Lists: Russian Hackers? No, Your PHONE Is Spying On You

Ever wonder why all those cool apps on your smartphone are free?

I mean, when you think about it, even the simplest phone apps take a LONG time to develop and can take a LOT of capital to produce and market.

So you really have to ask yourself…

Why in “H-E-double hockey sticks” would someone go through all the time and expense to develop a game — or some whiz-bang photo editor that makes you look like a gerbil — if there wasn’t something in it for them, right?

Well, there IS something in it for them…

… and it’s a much more sinister problem than you may realize – one that could seriously threaten your constitutional rights.

That’s why we need to talk about…

Here’s How Your Phone Is Literally SPYING On You… And How To STOP IT Immediately!

Smartphone Spying Surveillance Security: Avoid Red Flag Lists And Government Snooping

I know you wouldn’t think this is true, but I’m afraid it is…

You see, when you install an app on your phone — any app — it asks you for “permissions.”

(You’ve seen this, right? It’s that little message box that basically says, “Are you sure?” before the app gets installed.)

Usually, those permissions go waaaay beyond what the app would actually need to do what it advertises as its job.

Basically, these apps have hidden code that tracks your whereabouts everywhere you go.



If you go to the grocery store… it knows.

If you go mattress shopping down to Crazy Eddie’s House Of Mattresses… it knows.

If you go to the car dealership… your girlfriend’s house… your Friday poker and knitting circle night… it knows!

But most concerning of all…

… if you go to a gun store… if you travel to a political rally… or if you “like” pages on social media associated with “dangerous” ideas,.. that, too, gets logged!

(Why is this a problem? Well, hold onto your hat because the rabbit hole goes pretty deep. More on that in a minute…)

You see, all that data is stored… and the first thing that happens is that your data often gets sold and distributed to other advertisers who will show you ads for products they think you’d also like to buy.

But it’s not the people who are buying your data who are the biggest threat to you.

Your same data being sold off to salespeople and scammers, is also being collected by your government to possibly infringe on your Constitutional rights!

Data Taken From Your Phone Can Put You On A Government “Red Flag” List…

Ok, this is where things get crazy…

Did you know that:

  • The first place police and investigators from the government go looking for information about someone who’s “on their radar” is social media.
  • Police routinely confiscate phones and look through them for messages and social media posts for more “dirt” in high-profile (and even low-priority) arrests.
  • Several people in the United States (and hundreds of people in other countries) have been arrested or interrogated by police for opinions they posted on social media.
  • Lawmakers in several states have proposed that American citizens should have their social media posts examined before they can be issued gun licenses… and these are the SAME PEOPLE arguing for more “red flag” laws, which allow the authorities to take your guns away without due process.

Separately, these things are bad, but what happens when Big Government and Big Tech start holding hands and trading information?

  • Last year, Apple admitted giving governments access to THOUSANDS of iPhones and other devices, all so the government could spy on those devices’ owners. Google has admitted doing the same thing.
  • Social media giants like Twitter share data from their app without users’ permission. Facebook was just fined BILLIONS of dollars for illegally collecting and sharing users’ data.

Right now, lawmakers on BOTH sides of the aisle are talking about making it easier to “red flag” you and take away your gun rights.

They’re also talking about restricting free speech, including putting “potentially dangerous” people on watchlists.

“If you see something, say something,” right?

Well, do you want the same people who flag your Facebook posts and who claim you’re a bad person for disagreeing with their political opinions to be able to take away your guns, just because they say so?

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

“But I have nothing to hide, so why should I care?”

Well, trust me, that’s actually the most DANGEROUS thing you can say right now!

With all the nut-job “active shooters” out there… domestic terrorists… and left/right political extremists.. the government has created profile lists of what it considers “lone-wolf domestic terrorists” who could be the next mass-murder looking for their 15 minutes of fame on the nightly news.

Who fits this “terrorist profile”?

Well, by our government’s own official documents, it’s U.S. citizens who…

  • Believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment
  • Are concerned with the direction of govt.
  • Buy guns and ammunition
  • Store survival food and other supplies
  • Are Christian… military… or “conservative”

And that only scratches the surface of who they are looking at as a potential “enemy of the state”.

So let me ask you…

Do YOU fit any of those “red flags” listed above?

Are YOU worried about all the different entities (government and otherwise) who could be snooping on your calls, travel habits, and purchases?

I know *I* am.

So here’s what I started doing…

I did my own research.

I talked to digital experts (skip-tracers, hacking experts, federal whistleblowers, Constitutional attorneys, etc.).

And I was SHOCKED at what I discovered!

But then I took action…

I took their advice and deleted certain apps on my phone… I learned how to put a “force-field” around my phone and computer… how to be “invisible” when I buy gear and supplies online… and I even learned how to actually USE information they collect against them to take back control of what they see!

And trust me, even though I have a website and “online stuff”, I am NOT a “tech-savvy” dude by any stretch of the imagination!

In other words, if I can do it, you can do it.

In fact, I took insane notes from everyone I talked to and made a step-by-step guide to help me erase any trace of potential “red flag” issues the government would look at.

(BTW… if you want my notes and “how-to” blueprint, I put them all inside the “Digital Ghost Protocol” manual you can check out here if you want to see it…)

Look… our forefathers fought for our freedom, right?

But it’s up to US – you and me – to keep that freedom alive and it starts right in your own home.

Don’t take this lightly.

Things are only going to get worse and you and I need to change the way we do things to stay off the radar.

The country needs people like us.

And will need us even more in the future.

We all gotta stick together.

But you gotta take care of yourself first.

Are You Worried About “Red Flag” Lists? What Steps Are You Taking To Protect Yourself?

Please Share Your Tips In The Comments Below Now…

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