Riots still coming - the "WROL summer" isn't over yet!

Riots still coming – the “WROL summer” isn’t over!

Today, I have a new warning that’s really an “old” warning…

…and that’s because this summer has been too quiet.

“What now, Jeff?” you’re probably thinking. “What have you got against me enjoying a barbecue or two?”

Well, nothing… but we all remember the riots that tore through our country last year… and so far this summer, things have been disturbingly peaceful.

In other words, hold on to your butts, because the fundamental problems haven’t changed.

When the basic problems that cause people to freak out don’t change, and nothing happens, that means we’re in the “simmering pot” stage of coming riots.

Inflation is soaring… gas prices are out of control… and in countries all over the world (like South Africa and even Cuba), people are already starting to protest.

It’s only a matter of time before some trigger incident happens in the US to send it all spiraling out of control again.

A cop shoots an “unarmed” man… some viral video starts making the rounds… or some new pressure group starts to scream about how they’ve been victimized, and that complaint picks up momentum almost overnight.

That’s what happened last summer, after all.

One of my employees and I were talking about how, last summer during the worst of the riots, he sat up all night with a shotgun in his lap:

“We were afraid to go to bed that night, Jeff,” he writes. “The rioting got worse when it got dark [like it always does – Jeff] and they were just a few blocks from our house. They hit the Target that I go to all the time, just two minutes down the road. I mounted that Viper light on my 12-gauge and spent all night waiting for the sound of breaking glass.” [emphasis added]

There’s a reason he mentioned that weapon light specifically, and I’ll get to that in a second…

And fortunately, the rioters never quite got to his house, but he could hear them at the municipal building just a block up from his home, he said.

But if you remember how the authorities shut the gun stores the moment the rioting got really bad, last summer, you know that the time to prepare for a late summer “without rule of law” – WROL – is now, not later.

I don’t need to tell you to stock up on food, other supplies and precious, precious TP, but if you still haven’t set up your home defense weapons for nighttime operations, you need to.

Because it’s after dark when things get really bad.

That means making sure you’ve got weapons set up and ready before the riots happen, sure, but especially before sundown.

It also means mounting a weapon light (and having a handheld light, too) for when things get really nasty after dark.

(You should have a few backups for these, and some extra batteries, too.)

And no, you don’t have to go nuts buying the latest whizz-bang tactical face-melter.

It can be something inexpensive with or without a universal mount, like this one.

But make sure you have those critical nighttime defense weapons and accessories – not to mention, like I do, a trusty machete and a charged up phone – BEFORE things start to go nuts.

Because I hate to predict it, but I’d be lying if I said I thought the rest of the summer as going to stay peaceful.

I think this that calm moment before the other shoe drops… and we’d all better hold on to our butts.

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