Man Sees Woman Getting Beaten In Alley. What Happens Next Should Make You Think About What YOU Would Do...

Man Sees Woman Getting Beaten In Alley. What Happens Next Should Make You Think About What YOU Would Do…

It was around 3 a.m. on a Tuesday morning when a man (who goes by his “hip-hop” name, “PhatBoy414”) was headed off to bed when suddenly he heard a blood-curdling scream coming from the alley outside his Milwaukee suburban home.

Looking out his window, he saw a man repeatedly beating a young woman, her face dripping in blood as she begged for her life.

PhatBoy bolted into the alley, grabbing the first weapon he could find – a small sledgehammer – on his way out the door to come to the woman’s rescue.

The man immediately stopped beating the woman, locked eyes with the rescuer and, seeing the weapon and an able-bodied man was a bigger threat than a defenseless woman, ran off.

PhatBoy’s response when Fox asked him why he made that “instant decision” to become the hero?

“That could be my mom. That could be my sister. That could be ME.”


Look, there are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to responding to a crisis:

  • Those who run FROM danger – and will just turn up the TV to drown out the sounds of someone is screaming outside or getting beat up by a boyfriend in the nextdoor apartment…
  • And those who run TOWARD danger – coming to the rescue like a firefighter running UP the stairs to rescue as many 9/11 Trade Center victims as he can, knowing he may not make it out alive.

You already know which one you are – that’s why you’re one of our MCS readers.

Personally, I feel we need to see MORE of people standing up for each other and the injustices in our society.

I’m guessing you feel that way too, am I right?

But the question is this…

… do you have the SKILLS and “TOOLS” you’ll need to back-up your instincts.

What I mean is… your “inner warrior” will force you into action. You can’t help it.

But when you lock eyes with the cause of danger, he may not run away.

In fact, YOU may end up becoming his next victim.

This is why I always try to force our readers out of your comfort zone and challenge you to do more than just “own a gun”… but train with your firearm more frequently using realistic “dry-fire” drills.

It’s why I point out that real case-studies show that you may never even GET to a gun because you could be ambushed or in a location where a firearm isn’t allowed… so you damn well better know how to fight with your bare hands if you have to.

The true protector is someone who is ALWAYS ready to spring into action when the Bat Signal goes up… but has the “superhero skills” it takes to get the job done.

Do YOU Have A Story Where You Came To Someone’s Aid?

Please Share Your Experience Below And The Skills Or
“Tools” It Took For You To Succeed…

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