Your Top 3 Self-Defense Weapons To Defeat A Home Invasion! (Hint: A Gun Is Only Your 3rd!)

Your Top 3 Self-Defense Weapons To Defeat A Home Invasion! (Hint: A Gun Is Only Your 3rd!)

[Indiana Star]  Karen Dolley, 43, was sleeping in her bed when she heard the sound of a man’s voice in her house in the middle of the night.

She flipped the lights on to discover a strange man standing in her living room.

Dolley didn’t cower.

Instead, instincts from years of self-protection training kicked in and she began punching the man over and over until she could break away and grab her gun out of her dresser.

Unfortunately, in the adrenalized chaos of the moment, she opened the wrong drawer.

With no time to spare, Dolley grabbed the first “weapon” her hand could find – her Japanese martial arts sword – and held the man at blade-point until police arrived minutes later.

Woman Defeats Home Invader With Sword

Does that mean that you should now arm yourself with martial arts weapons instead of your trusty sidearm during a home invasion?

Of course not.

I’d much rather have the thug-nut smack dab in the middle of my Glock’s tritium sights than counting on my abilities to skewer him like a shishkebab or konk him on his coconut with my nunchukus.

But that’s not the point…

It’s one of my hardest lessons to teach my fellow gun-owners out there, that, no matter how much you trust your firearm and/or your training, in that nano-second that you need your weapon, it’s very possible that it won’t be there for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a safe… a purse… your bedside table… or even on your hip…

When you need it the most, your gun may be out of reach or you could be ambushed with no chance of drawing in time to stop the threat.

You MUST Understand That Your Firearm Is NOT
Your Primary Self-Defense Weapon!

It’s your 3rd!

1st is your mind.  Always will be.

From tactical awareness to adrenalized, life-saving decision-making… your brain is your ultimate weapon (which is what really helped Dolley defeat her attacker by deciding to use the sword in her hand rather than keep scrambling around looking for her gun).

But your 2nd weapon is your “body weapons”.

If you can’t “fight to your gun”, then you’re missing the most critical training you’ll ever need – yes, even more important than getting that tight shot group down at the range.

We’ve tested it in countless training sessions where we tell hardcore gun-owners (armed with airsoft) to do their best to draw their weapon while getting puched with foam pads.

They can’t do it in time.

And here’s why…

it’s actually a “trick drill” because the secret is to NOT try and draw your weapon.

Instead, the secret is to FIGHT to your weapon!

But if you can’t fight… you could end up unconscious (or worse) on the ground before you ever get your smoke-wagon out of its holster.

This is why I stress that everyone – even gun-owners – need to think of self-defense skills as a foundation to all of your tactical training.

It doesn’t take years of training to master.

All it takes is a few brutal “street fighting moves” that anyone can learn in a few hours by watching our street-fighting DVD you can get for free here…

It doesn’t even matter if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you – if you know what to do.

For your own sake, get my free DVD and I’ll show you how.

I’ve pressure-tested all of these moves myself and taught them to thousands of others and it’s incredible how easy they are to learn and how devastating they are in a real fight.

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