Shocking FBI Report Reveals The Truth About Gun Training

Shocking FBI Report: “Criminals Have More Gun Training Than You Do!”

As an armed “protector”, I’m sure you’ve imagined this scenario several times…

An attacker pulls out his gun as you’re gassing up at a local convenient store… tells you to give up your wallet… and you react with lightning-fast speed as you draw your firearm and engage center-mass.

You’re confident because, after all… you’ve trained for this threat, right?

And who’s this criminal anyway?

Just some dumbass thug who thought you’d be a weak pushover if he came at you with a weapon he doesn’t even know how to use, right?

Well that’s the kind of thinking that’ll get you killed.

Here’s the Truth: Most Criminals Have
More Gun Training Than You Do

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Look, these guys don’t just get handed a gun… stick it in their belt… and call it a day.

They practice.  Often.

In fact, probably more than you…

According to a recent study on violent criminals conducted by the FBI, a full 40% of criminal attackers had received formal firearms training.

That’s nearly half who received formal, proper training – the same kind of training you’d invest in.

And they don’t stop there…

A full 80% regularly practiced with firearms, with an average of 23 practice sessions a year.

But here’s the stat that gets to me (and you’d damn well better take seriously)…

More than 40% of criminals had been in at least one gunfight…
and a quarter of these guys had traded bullets in more than 5.

So let’s think about that scenario again…

Some guy comes up and threatens you with a weapon. Which of you is better prepared to come out ahead?

How many gunfights have you walked away from?

You must face the fact that your typical range practice isn’t enough to defeat these guys.

You need the kind of real-world tactics and “training” these criminals get on the streets – tactics that are based on how gunfights REALLY happen, not old, outdated “myths”.

You’re not going to get that scenario where some guy threatens you from across the parking lot and you have time to pull a gun on him, feeling like a badass while he wets himself with fear.

That’s not how it goes. Give up on that idea right now.

What you should be hoping for is that when things get ugly, you’ll have put a few more hours into training for getting out of a gunfight alive than he has.

You can get that training here…

Start now. He’s already ahead of you.

And they recruit gang members young.

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