Listen To The 911 Call That Left This Former Cop Jailed, Homeless & Broke - For Defending Himself!
  • Listen To The 911 Call That Left This Former Cop Jailed, Homeless & Broke – For Defending Himself!

    Jay Lewis was a former police officer… avid hunter… gun collector… and a concealed carry permit owner.

    One night around midnight, Lewis was headed home when he passed a slow car carrying 5 people coming back from a Halloween party.

    What happened next left him homeless and broke after being forced to defend himself with his handgun

    Read his story… listen to his 911 call… and learn these hard lessons to protect yourself from the same fate…

    Cop Sent To Jail For Self Defense Shooting

    After Lewis passed the slow-moving car of 5 party-goers, they decided to speed up and race him down the street.

    Lewis went to turn to the left and the other car collided with his.

    Two of the passengers then got out and started punching on Lewis’s windows, until he pulled out his .380 pistol he had with him.

    They backed off toward their car and Lewis got out to call 911 and examine the damage to his vehicle.

    That Was When The 2 Men Came Back For An Ambush!

    Trying to sneak attack Lewis in two different directions, you can hear Lewis’s warnings on the 911 call…

    “Get back! Get Back! I’m going to start shooting! Get away from me! Get away from me!”

    * BANG *

    You can hear the actual 911 call here:

    The two men had faked like they were turning away but then charged Lewis, forcing him to shoot and injure one of the men.

    When the police showed up, the man was taken to the hospital…

    … and Lewis was arrested because police suspected that he failed to back off and avoid the shooting.

    He was charged with two counts of “intimidation with a dangerous weapon” and going “armed with intent”.

    But Wait, It Gets Worse…

    Lewis only made $32,359 a year and didn’t have the $225,000 cash for bail money that was set for him.

    Therefore, he was forced to stay in jail until his court date… 112 days later!

    While Lewis was in jail, he was evicted from his apartment because management saw him as “dangerous” because of his self-defense shooting.

    They even threw all of his belongings out on the curb – which were all stolen by passers-by.

    Lewis emerged from jail 112 days later to be homeless and broke… all for just defending himself from two road rage thugs!

    Here’s What YOU Can Learn From This Tragedy…

    1. Even if you act in self defense… you can STILL be arrested! In fact, if you just “show” your weapon to get someone to back off, you can be arrested – even if you never pull the trigger!
    2. Even if you’re found “not guilty”… it’s STILL going to cost you a butt-load of money to pay for bail and legal expenses to defend yourself.In the meantime, you can lose your job… your house… your belongings… and if found “guilty”, even our freedom and your family!
    3. You don’t have to have actually committed a crime to be arrested and sent to jail. This always blows peoples’ mind but it’s absolutely true and responsible for so many broken families. I explain how to protect yourself in this video…

    I really care about our readers and their families.

    My mission is to show responsibly-armed citizens like you the most critical strategies you need to not only protect yourself with a firearm against an attacker – but also from going to prison for doing nothing more than defending yourself and those you love with a firearm.

    Know how to protect yourself before, during, and yes… even AFTER a justified shooting!

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