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MCS Podcast 31: Solo Self-Defense Training With Loren Christensen

If you’re like me, one of the things holding you back from making sure your self-defense skills stay sharp and ready for combat is the ability to train.

If it’s not time, it’s equipment… if it’s not equipment, it’s finding someone to train with.

Well, like they say, “excuses are like a-holes… everyone’s got one!”

Sorry to say, you’ll no longer have an excuse not to train once you listen in to this week’s podcast with former street cop and self-defense badass, Loren Christensen

Street Fight Training All By Your Lonesome

Solo Self-Defense Training With Loren Christensen

Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • Simple solo training equipment that you can beat the living hell out of (that won’t break your bank account”)!
  • How to make your training seem as much like a REAL attack as possible to prepare for a street ambush!
  • Easy training tricks to develop lighting-fast speed in all your punches and kicks!
  • Multiple attackers!  How to prepare for a gang scenario without having to recruit a small army of friends to help you out.
  • Weapon disarms? Yup… you can even train for stripping away a gun or knife with the tips you’re about to hear!

God knows the criminals are training… shouldn’t you?

There really is a lot you can do to keep your hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon skills ready for the street – even without the formal classes or partners.

Give these tactics a try and up the intensity of your training now.

What Other “Solo Self-Defense” Training Tips Have You Tried?

Please Share Your Best Training Tips Below Now…

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