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Here’s The Simple Secret To How To Defeat A Sucker Punch

jeff_anderson_no_bg_150x200[From The Editor]

I’ve been “sucker punched” to the head two times in my life.

Both times it was my fault because I either thought a confrontation was over (when it was really just starting) or I was too focused on my aggressor and not his buddy off to my right.

Yeah, yeah, I know… awareness shmareness!

It’s nice to think you’ll have that tactical radar on full blast everywhere you go, but here’s the simple reality…

The criminal of today is more prone to cold-cocking you in an ambush than ever before (remember the “Knockout Game”?), so I caught up with my buddy, Tim Larkin of “Target Focus Training” and…

Here’s The Simple Secret To How To Defeat A Sucker Punch

Knockout Game Sucker Punch Attack

I’ve been asked this question so many times, I’ve stopped counting…

… “What should I do if I get sucker-punched?”

Well… you get hit.

End of story.

Whether you get knocked out or not is mysteriously up to a combination of their targeting and your own ability to take a punch.

But make no mistake… there is no practical monkey ninja death move against a sucker punch – no more than you can dodge a bullet once it’s left the barrel.

If they get it right, you’re out.

BUT… if they screw it up and you find that you can think and move… ATTACK!

The One Word That Kills Your Shot Of Surviving Any Attack

The word “defense” is used in close quarters combat a little too much.

What do you envision when you hear it?

Most likely things like blockingcounteringducking and dodging… and all are simply seductive fantasies that evaporate into thin air when subjected to the heat of actual violence.

Your only choices in violence are when to attack and when to stop.

And that’s it.

In fact, in my hand-to-hand combat system I don’t even include one single block in our entire training.

Not one.

Your entire goal should be to injure your attacker at all costs.

Regardless of how it starts or where you find yourself, the first thing you must do when we realize it’s on… is attack!

Don’t be the “defender”… but instead, make your attacker defend against YOU by quickly and viciously turning his lights out.

If you do it right, it won’t take more than a few brutally effective shots to his most vulnerable targets.

Quickly… confidently… effectively

How To Exploit Your Attacker’s Weakest Points…
…And Crush Him!

The human body has a virtual buffet of hidden spots that – when attacked with even a small amount of force – can put any attacker on his knees begging for mamma.

When struck with a powerful blow, you could render him unconscious… or even kill him if the situation required it.

The secret is to first know the biological “road map” of how to destroy another man’s body – even if he’s a lot bigger and stronger than you – and then program yourself to identify his weak spots instinctively (yes, without even having to “think” about how to fight) and then use your best “weapon” to strike him quickly and efficiently.

See how to unlock this “street fighting superpower” here…

This training will show you how to truly unlock your ability to win any street fight no matter how big and strong your attacker is.

What Are Your Thoughts On “Self DEFENSE” vs. Taking The Attack To Your Attacker?

Share Your War Stories And Hard Lessons Below…

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