Here's A Street Fight Secret Scientifically Proven To Crush A 265lb Badass Biker... Even If He's Twice Your Size!

Here’s A Street Fight Secret Scientifically Proven To Crush A 265lb Badass Biker… Even If He’s Twice Your Size!

He’s one of the meanest-looking brawlers anyone has ever seen…

This “biker dude” was 6′ tall and 265 lbs of muscle and fat mixed together into a nasty soup of “I don’t give a f#ck!”.

In bars, he would get drunk and crush skulls just for the fun of it

He would even brag about how out of shape he was… yet could easily pound anyone stupid enough to give him the “stink eye” into a puddle of bloody goo, leaving the bar owner to end his night with a mop and a bucket to clean up the human remains left behind.

But even a badass barroom brawler twice your size has his weak points and…

Here’s A Scientifically Proven Secret Target To Absolutely CRUSH A Bigger, Stronger Attacker In A Real Street Fight!

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The man was “Tank” Abbott – the early “bad boy” of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) back when there were (almost) no rules.

Tank was a legend from the start – a poster boy for the guy whose pickup truck you would NOT want to have accidentally bumped into.

In the octagon, he was a menace – with no style other than to use his gigantic body mass and giant meathook hands to pulverize his opponent’s face in the first 10 seconds of the fight.


Hell yeah… unless you knew his weakest areas to target.

And one fighter knew exactly how to take this massive giant to the point of something even worse than getting knocked out… Tank “gave up”…

Here’s Why This “Low Blow” Works So Well At Defeating An Attacker Twice Your Size…

The fleshy part of the outside of your upper leg (midway on your upper, outer thigh) is filled with a bunch of virtually unprotected nerves, blood vessels, and densely packed muscle tissue.

Even a piddly punch to this part of your upper leg “meat” is enough to give you a “Charlie horse” that will last for several minutes.

But with a full force kick?

Well, as Tank learned the hard way…

The effects were immediate… and devastating!

Even better… using a larger attacker’s size and overconfidence against them, there’s little chance of them even being able to defend against you – BUT, only if you know…

How To Pull Off This “Giant Slayer” Move In A Real Street Fight…

First, you gotta stop thinking “punch” like most people do – it’s most likely to just bounce off of the giant thug’s armor-plated chest and skull and piss him off.

Instead, a dirty “low blow” kick is something he’s not going to see coming – especially if you do it right…

1. Use A “Sneak Attack”

You don’t want your attacker to see your kick coming or he’ll likely be all over you before you even get close to your target.

Don’t “square up”… or get into your “fighting stance”… in fact, don’t even look at his leg to see where to strike.

You have a very large area there to make contact with so it’s not hard to hit your target, even if he moves and you’re off a little bit.

Just look straight in his eyes – your hands in the air – and making sure you say (very loudly) that you don’t want to fight.

If he doesn’t back down or take the “honorable exit” you just handed him on a silver platter – your next move is to strike first with a sneak attack below his sight line.

2. Don’t Kick With Your Foot

While you can really make contact with any body weapon you have, the most force is not going to come from kicking with your foot.

Instead, your best striking surface is going to be the shin bone of your strongest leg.

This is what’s going to allow you to get your whole body behind the kick and, because you have the entire length of your shin bone to strike with, again, it virtually guarantees you’ll make contact with the power you need to take his legs out from underneath him.

3. Don’t Kick His Leg – Kick THROUGH His Leg

The basic mechanics of this side “roundhouse” kick is pretty simple…

From your neutral “I don’t want to fight!” stance – slightly bladed with your strong leg to the rear, but not looking aggressive – lead with your hip by twisting your upper body in the direction you’re going to be throwing your kick.

Your back leg follows, using the twisting of your upper body as the “wind-up” needed to drive your leg as fast and furious as possible to the side of his upper leg on the same side as you.

But here’s one of the biggest “power secrets” you could ever learn…

The way most people punch and kick, they’re only making surface contact, and the force of their blow gets spread out over a wider surface, decreasing the physical effects on their attacker.

Instead, you want to imagine that you’re kicking all the way through your attacker – as if you’re literally chopping off both of his legs with your shin.

When you kick this way, it concentrates all of that speed and power into a very small space, and drives all of that force deep, deep into the leg muscle and nerves – overloading his central nervous system – and sending screaming pain through his leg.

With a halfway decent connection, your attacker will hobble backwards to try to give himself some space to deal with this unexpected “low blow”.

With a solid connection, he’ll be on the floor – completely unable to stand back up to fight!

That’s your cue to exit quickly and live another day (or be ready to take on any other attackers who are stupid enough to jump in).

The No B.S. Truth About Defeating Larger Attackers…

Look, I’m not gonna lie…

Size DOES matter when you’re facing an attacker.

I know it… you know it… and he knows it!

And while this leg kick may seem like a “low blow”, that’s kinda the point…

Because, when it comes to defending yourself against someone who is much bigger and stronger than you, it’s already not a “fair fight” – so why would you try to “fight fair”?

All that matters is that you walk away the victor – the “survivor” – able to get back home safely instead of leaving in an ambulance… or a body bag!


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THAT is what “real fighting” looks like on the street.

If you’re not 100% sure that you could take a badass biker ready to rip your head off and send him to the ground screaming in pain, then you should seriously consider “how” you think about fighting.

What Other Targets – On Even A Much Bigger And Stronger Attacker – Are Virtually “Defenseless” Against Superior Knowledge By The “Little Guy”?

Share Your Comments And Experience Below…

  • Jeff, on Monday Night Football last evening 22 Oct, the 49ers middle linebacker tackled a receiver near line of scrimmage during the second half of the game. The receiver accidentally kneed him in the upper middle (outside) of the linebacker’s left thigh as he was tackled. The linebacker was prone on the ground, writhing in pain. Perhaps it was a live demo of the defensive technique you just described.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      hahahaha… well, I didn’t tie that together but it certainly does make a point, doesn’t it?! Thanks T!

  • Kicking with your shine. Something you will never forget is the feeling of having you kick firmly checked by someone in boots. I’ve ended 2 fights with larger opponents with that action. Big boy telegraphs his kick, and you don’t block it with your foot. You stomp on that shine. Of course I learned that the hard way before I had the opportunity to share it with others. Tiger v Crane The key to defeating a larger opponent is to use their girth and power against them.

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