Street Fight Weapons: Using "COVID Keys" For Self-Defense

Street Fight Weapons: Using “COVID Keys” For Self-Defense

After the pandemic hit – and now that we’ve been living with it for months – a lot of people have become “germophobes.”

One of the things I’m starting to see pop up everywhere are these “contactless keyrings.”

These are little gadgets you can use to open doors and push buttons so you don’t have to touch these things with your bare hands.

They usually have a ring for your fingers and a hook for door handles.

And they’re EVERYWHERE now.

But not all keyrings are “just as good” as others.

I’ll explain why, but there’s something else you may not have considered…

…and that is that the better “COVID Keys” out there are actually powerful self-defense weapons!

That’s why I’m going to explain to you…

How To Use (The Correct) “COVID-KEY” For Self-Defense

Self-Defense Street Fight Weapons: COVID Key Door Openers
Self-Defense Street Fight Weapons: COVID Key Door Openers

First, let me explain that when you buy a keychain like this, you want it to be made of ONLY metal.

Now that I’m starting to see these keychains pop up in every local drugstore, I’m noticing that a lot of them are painted with colorful patterns and even made of plastic.

Some even have rubber stylus tips (which are germ magnets).

You don’t want those.

What you want – either on your keys or, even better, attached to one of those retractable keyrings so you can keep it separate on your belt – is an all metal model with no rubber or plastic added.

But, more importantly, you want one that is squared off on the bottom, NOT rounded!


Because the squared bottom of the keychain acts exactly like the standoff on a pair of brass knuckles!

Using A Door Opener For Self-Defense

See, brass knuckles work because the “standoff” – an extended part below the loops for your fingers – fits into the palm of your hand and takes the force of a punch when you strike.

The squared off part of one of these all-metal COVID-keys fits right in the palm of your hand the same way.

You can then use the “button pusher” part as a powerful striking tool, concentrating the force of your punch!

I searched for a little while for a source for the “correct” COVID-keys, one that is made of the right material and shaped the right way.

I found this supplier’s page, which will ask you a couple of times if you want a quantity deal.

(I think there’s also a link on the receipt page to some freebie “gifts” that you don’t have to click on at all if you aren’t interested.)

Now, I’m not saying that your keychain door-opening germ-jobby is a better option than a gun or a knife…

…but if you need an edge and you’re otherwise unarmed, having one of these on you could REALLY save your bacon in a street fight.

It hits HARD… and since everybody’s used to them now, it’s something that can definitely fly “under the radar.”

Stay safe out there.

Do You Carry A Door Opening Device, Or An Impact Keychain?

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