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Gang Member All Up In Your Face? Use This Vicious Street-Fighting Tactic To Destroy Him!

jeff_anderson_no_bg_150x200From The Editor:

My friend and former SWAT team leader Mike Gillette says that when it comes to self-defense, there’s “physiology” and there’s “psychology“.

Physiologically speaking, the quickest way to shut down an attacker is to knock them out.

But if the opportunity to knock them out doesn’t present itself, there’s a way to shut them down completely with one vicious “psychological” attack Mike writes about below…

One Vicious Street Fighting Move To Instantly Destroy Any Attacker’s Will To Fight!

Self Defense Face Attack

Yes, it’s possible to completely shut down your attacker’s psychological “attack” motives with this simple self defense tactic…

It’s simple… just think “Face First”.

Here’s what I mean…

As soon as your attacker closes in on you and gets into “close quarters combat” range – where he thinks he has you – shoot both hands right into his face.

Now one method is to simply try to take his head right off his shoulders (that could work), but psychologically, gangbangers are used to getting “punched” so his brain will stay in “attack” mode if you don’t get a knockout. Instead…

Rip, Tear, Gouge, Destroy!

I want your fingers to dig into the flesh of your attacker’s face.

I want your thumbs to seek out your attacker’s eyes.

I want you to scratch, dig into, twist, claw and tear any part of their face that you can get your hands on and shred him to pieces.

Here’s why this works so well…

You see, most people are attacked because the attacker decided that they looked “attackable”.

That means they appeared to be a low-risk, potentially compliant victim – an easy mark to intimidate them and exert control and pain for the sake of making themselves look and feel like a tough guy.

So no street thug is going to expect you to go into full Wolverine-mode on their ass and start clawing at their most sensitive areas.

This Street Fighting Move Is Psychologically Devastating!

Seriously, attacks to the face FREAK OUT even the toughest bad-guy.

And the pain and shock of feeling one’s face getting clawed open provides a great opportunity for you to make your escape.

So much of what REALLY works in a street fight isn’t about complexity. Rather, it’s about commitment.

You need to commit right now, to doing whatever it takes to save your life or the life of another.

Be committed. Be Dangerous.

What Other “First Strike” Moves Do You Train With?

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