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Street Smart Self-Defense: How A Money Clip Can Save Your Life

When most people think of self-defense weapons, they think of guns or knives, or maybe even saps, blackjacks, and tasers.

Now, I may be wrong, but I’m betting they DON’T think of money clips.

But what if I told you (this is me doing my Morpheus from The Matrix impression)…

…that there are 3 ways that a money clip can be used to protect you when you’re out “on the street”…?

Crazy as that might sound, I can back it up, so keep reading…

3 Ways A Money Clip Can Protect You On The Street!

3 Ways A Money Clip Can Protect You On The Street!

Best Street Smart Self-Defense Tips (Money Clips)
Best Street Smart Self-Defense Tips (Money Clips)

So, I can hear you asking:

“Jeff, how in the heck is a money clip a security item? Isn’t it just a way to carry some cash?”

Well, yeah, and that’s kind of the point…

1. A Money Clip Limits The Amount Of Cash You “Flash”

I don’t know about you, but I cringe a little whenever see somebody take out their wallet in public.

Whenever you do that, you’re showing anybody who’s watching just how much money you have on you.

Now, for a lot of us, that isn’t much (ha ha)…

…but for some people, it’s a wad of cash that makes them a target to be followed and mugged.

With a money clip, you can carry just a little bit of your cash, keeping your wallet and its true contents hidden away securely.

2. A Money Clip Makes Your Cash “Throwable”

Self-defense expert Massad Ayoob wrote in one of his self-defense books, years ago, about how he would wrap 5 bucks around a matchbook.

If somebody hit him up for money on the street, and he wanted to avoid a confrontation, he’d throw them the matchbook fiver and keep walking.

(It was a controversial move even then, but Ayoob said he liked to have the option.)

Well, another reason to make a little of your cash “throwable” is as a diversion.

If you judge that a mugger just wants your money, you can throw the money in one direction while you run in the other.

Some experts will recommend this method using your whole wallet.

So which would you rather sacrifice in an attempt to get away fast – your whole wallet and all your bank and credit cards, or a few bucks in a money clip?

3. The Right Money Clip Can Be A “Fist Load”

The third way that a money clip can be a security tool is as a fist load.

The average money clip isn’t big enough to project from your hand and be used for striking, like a “yawara” or pocket stick…

…but it’s sturdy enough, if you buy a large one, to brace your hand.

Yes, you’ll increase the risk of breaking your knuckles, but you’ve just made your fist a LOT stronger for punching.

It’s a desperation move, but then, if you’re fighting off a mugger with nothing but a money clip to help you, you’re probably already in serious danger.

You could even go with a money clip that is big enough to be a fist load, and also acts a utility knife, because some of them have built-in blades.

I found a great, affordable one that is attractive and slick as hell:

Money Clip Knife
Money Clip Knife

Whether you get that one (available at this website), buy a different one, or already have one you can start carrying, though, I encourage you to think about it.

It never hurts to have an extra personal security option as part of your everyday carry.

Stay safe out there.

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