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Tactical Firearms Training: 3 Movie “Gunfight Myths” (That KILL!)

I’m an action movie junkie (especially when I can find something to seek out some new tactical firearms training tips).

This week I went on a binge-watch of John Wick, The Equalizer, Non-Stop, and the first Lethal Weapon (for about the 50th time).

What always makes me laugh is how you see the same old gunfight myths crop up in movie after movie to the point that it’s pretty much assumed that this MUST be the way things really happen in a firefight.

I mean, unless you’re a soldier in a war zone or a cop patrolling a high-crime area, you’re probably not getting a lot of real-world experience, right?

Therefore, the only real intel most people get about what to expect when the bullets start flying comes from what they see on television and the movies.

But that “movie myth brainwashing” could actually get you killed if you’re ever forced to pull your gun in self-defense (either in your home or on the street).

Here Are 3 “Tactical Firearms” Movie Myths
That Will Get You Killed In A Real Gunfight…

Gun Fight Myths That Kill

For example, unlike the movies, one shot won’t kill your attacker unless it hits one of two “instant kill” spots in the human body (one is the brain and the other, the left ventricle of the heart – not easy to do and certainly not on purpose).

The reality is, a handgun is a relatively weak weapon against an “animal” the size of a human being – especially a drug-fueled predator intent on slicing you to shreds.

Also, you’re not going to see splatters of blood if your bullets hit your attacker.

In fact, chances are, you won’t even know if you’re hitting him or not.

That’s why you should never assume that you’ve hit your target, and doing so could be a life-ending decision on your part.

Another big myth is that you’re going to be as accurate in a real gunfight as you are down at the range.

Remember in Lethal Weapon when Danny Glover and Mel Gibson were at the gun range trying to prove who was a better shot?

Glover lines up his barrel and with one single bullet hits a solid bulls-eye smack dab in the middle of the head of the target.

Gibson then sends the target way, way, WAY down range and shoots about 8 rounds, making eyes and a smiley face out of the same target.

(I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve tried this myself for the hell of it.  My version looked more like where my darts end up on the board after a few rounds of beer pong.)

I’ve been in combat and I can tell you that – especially in extreme close quarters like most gunfights take place in – the combination of adrenaline and defending against a moving, enraged attacker is going to severely ruin your accuracy no matter how practiced you are – especially since I never (ever) see anyone down at the range training in “extreme close quarters combat” distances.

Trust me… what it takes to survive changes dramatically when your attacker is only 9′ or less away!

That’s why most people (yes, even cops) freeze or miss their target.

In fact, studies of real gunfights reveal that even highly-trained police officers miss their targets 75% of the time in real gunfights… and that’s when they’re shooting at attackers who are right up in their face trying to kill them!

In case you’re doing the math… that means that if you’re somehow lucky enough to shoot 10 rounds from your handgun, only about 3 or 4 of those rounds – if you’re lucky – are going to hit your attacker.

The rest are just an innocent bystander away from sending your ass to prison (or worse… could hit the family member you were with and kill them.)

That’s why we pressure-tested our “X-CQC” gunfighting method in force-on-force training against live people – not paper targets.

We knew that the only way to prepare for a real gunfight is to train like it was real.

First we created a list of all of the top “expert techniques” being taught out there at tactical courses across the country and found that most of them are pure and utter B.S. (pretty damn shameful if you ask me).

Then we wiped the slate clean and tried a new technique (or sometimes the complete opposite of other tactics we had learned).

Oftentimes we failed.  Re-worked it… and failed again.  Then brainstormed why… failed again.

Eventually though, we hit gold!

The final process got us down to a simple 7-step tactical training system.

Whether you’re a complete newbie with a gun or you’re a highly-trained, hands-on cop or soldier, I highly suggest you check out our “X-CQC” gunfighting method.

As long as you can keep an open mind and are comfortable questioning the training that other experts are putting out as “gospel”, I strongly feel that you’ll see that our system is your best chance at survival – hands down.

What Other Firearm Movie Myths Have You Seen That Don’t Hold Water In A Real Gunfight?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…

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