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MCS 116: Your Halloween Tactical Training Shopping Guide!

I LOVE Halloween!

Not only because it’s the one time each year I allow myself to raid my son’s candy bag and stuff myself stupid full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…

… but it’s also a great opportunity to do some “tactical training shopping” at a HUGE discount!

In fact, in this week’s podcast episode, I’ll reveal my “Top 7” tactical Halloween goodies you should pick up right away the day AFTER the holiday to add more realism to your training and save a ton of greenbacks at the same time!

7 Halloween Props To Enhance Your Tactical Training Arsenal

Self Defense Training Weapons Guide

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll discover in this week’s episode:

  • How to save as much as 90% on self-defense training aids to make your training partner look like a real “street thug”!
  • Buy this “stage prop” (or make it yourself!) and add it to your edged weapon training to see just how difficult it can be to survive a real attack!
  • This one “girlie item” doesn’t lie about whether you’re alive or dead at the end of your training!
  • The Halloween lawn decoration you can use for force-on-force gunfight training (even if you’re training alone)!
  • One simple add-on to your training dummy (that only costs a few bucks!) to transform him into a more realistic attacker!
  • How to train for “post-collapse violence” using the tools of a psychotic mass-murderer!
  • My (disgusting) story of how we used props in the military to simulate a real-world battlefield environment! (And one item that you can throw on the ground to add “shock value” to your survival weapons training!)

You’d better hurry!

Time is of the essence and you need to add these items to your training arsenal right away before the Halloween stores run out!

Do YOU Have Some Cool Halloween Finds For Your Training Arsenal?

Share Your Personal Discoveries (And Their Uses) Below Now…

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