Tactical Handgun Training Scams (Watch For These 3 Things)
  • Tactical Handgun Training “Fantasy Camps” Vs. Real-World Armed Attacks

    This is one of the things that really p*ss*s me off!

    You already know how I feel about outdated “traditional” firearms training such as worthless techniques based on the “Teuller Drill”… “speed rock”… long-distance handgun marksmanship… etc.

    But I just saw yet ANOTHER one of these civilian “fantasy warrior bootcamps” where everyone gets to show up in their favorite camouflage pants and send a bazillion rounds downrange at mock terrorist targets.

    Shame on these “instructors”… and shame on their students for being so easily separated from their money.

    But even worse, these students aren’t just wasting their hard-earned paychecks… they’re getting a false sense of confidence and creating real “training scars” that could get them killed if they’re ever attacked in the real world, and here’s…

    The Truth About Commando Tactical Training Camps Vs.
    Real-World Attacks You’ll Face

    Tactical Firearms Training Course

    Look, I’m not saying these “commando camps” aren’t fun.

    It’s good times running around in a set-up that feels like a war camp when you know damn well you’re not going to get hurt.

    It’s fun sending rounds downrange when you’re feeling your bad-assedness levels skyrocketing like you’re some action movie hero.

    But no attacker is going to tell you what he’s about to do before he does it.

    No attacker is going to stand quietly 20 feet away from you while you shoot him in the chest.

    No attacker is going to let you pose and make your best Jason Statham face while you take him out.

    It doesn’t work like that in the real world.

    If you want training that will keep you alive in a real attack scenario, you need training that actually teaches you what a real attack feels like.

    You need to train in an environment where your adrenaline is pumping… you’re scared for your life… and you couldn’t care less if you look cool as long as you can keep breathing.

    Here’s how you find a class that will teach you the real deal…

    Check Out The Background Of The Instructor(s)

    If the bio reads like the back cover of a Mack Bolan commando novel or he’s highlighting the time he served in Iraq, that’s not a good sign.

    You’re looking for someone who’s worked as a cop in Detroit, or been the bouncer for a biker bar – someone who’s been grill-to-grill with violent criminals on multiple occasions.

    Look For The Words “Hand-To-Hand Training”

    As we say in our Extreme CQC Shooting course, most gunfights happen from less than 9 feet away (in fact, you might be surprised to find out the 3 things that lead to most gunfights – all of which are at arm’s length).

    That means you need to know how to “fight to your gun.”

    No attacker is going to hang out doing nothing while you draw your weapon; you need a tactical course that teaches you the hand-to-hand skills you need to get to it.

    Make Sure They Offer “Force-On-Force” Training

    Paper targets don’t shoot back.

    Pointing your gun at a real person who’s also pointing one at you is a whole different experience, and it will shake you up.

    Find a course that gives you real scenarios, like drawing on an attacker charging at you with a training knife.

    Even better, try to find one that uses simunition, airsoft, or even blanks to give you a realistic feel for what it’s like to fire under attack.

    Want to know how to survive a real attack? Start with our “extreme cqc course” here…

    And then put these tactics in practice by locating real-world tactical gun training that teaches you responses based on real scenarios.

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