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The 3 Biggest Home Invasion Survival Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now

Home invasions are unlike any other crime.

While burglars are looking for quick access to your valuables while you are away, home invaders attack while you and your family are at home.

Their motives could be as simple as a few extra dollars.

They may be in it for the thrill of victimizing you.

They may want to rape and murder whomever they find inside.

This is why home defense tactics are so important.

If you fail when it comes to home invasion survival, you fail your family… and you may not live to regret it.

I spoke with Massad Ayoob on this topic and…

Here Are Three Major Home Invasion Survival Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now…

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Home Invasion Mistake #1:
A Lack of Alarms and Good Locks

First, many homes lack good locks and alarms.

These might seem like simple home defense tactics, but they are incredibly important.

These types of barriers help slow down the forced entry of a home invasion, increasing your chances of successful home invasion survival by creating a “reactionary gap.”

In other words, good locks and alarms help give you time in which to react to the home invasion.

Home Invasion Mistake #2:
Bragging About Your Valuables

Second, many people make the mistake of letting neighbors and other people know that they have valuables.

Whether it is your gun collection, a coin collection, or some other store of value, it is poor home defense tactics to let people know about it.

Sooner or later, word will get to someone you don’t know, or a neighbor (or even a family member) whom you trust will betray you because of the temptation to make an easy buck.

Before you know it, you could be facing a home invasion survival scenario as violent thugs bust down your door, looking for what you have that they can use or sell.

When there are sharks in the water, you don’t want to spread blood around to get their interest.

Home Invasion Mistake #3:
Opening the Door For Strangers

We’ve all been told since we were kids not to open the door for strangers.

Yet, most people still do it, don’t they?

There’s no excuse these days to not have some sort of technology that will help you avoid letting a dangerous home invader just barge right in through the door that YOU opened for them.

For example… there was time when only the wealthy could afford intercom systems by the door.

Today, an intercom system is cheap as dirt.

Using an intercom can help you with home invasion survival because it can prevent what’s called a push-in robbery.

This is where you open the door on its chain, but the invaders hit the door full power with their shoulders and push it in.

Then they’re right on top of you, and you have no reactionary gap at all.

If you have a family, and especially if they don’t share your awareness of home defense tactics, you cannot afford to make these mistakes.

Install locks and alarms now, before you need them.

The same is true of an intercom.

Change your conduct to live more defensively.

The time to prepare for home invasion survival is now, not after the fact.

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