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MCS Podcast #71: The Psychology Of Self-Defense With Norm Bettencourt

Combat Mind Set For Self Defense


It can cripple you at the time where you need your courage the most – as in a criminal attack or staring face-to-chest with a giant thug about to rip your head off.

But if used correctly, fear can also be your best friend and grant you near super-human strength and lightening fast reflexes to turn the tables on your attacker.

How do you walk that fine line between freeze, flight, or flight?

Simple – you master your ability to conquer fear NOW so that when you’re facing a battle for your life, there will be no hesitation to engage your attacker with everything you’ve got and all you’ve trained for.

And this week, combatives expert, Norm Bettencourt, will unleash his best tips to make you the master of your own mind and conquer fear once and for all.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The “anatomy of fear” and how it can sabotage even the best-trained tactics when you’re facing danger and need your wits about you!
  • How to adopt a split-second “killer instinct” that instantly switches you from being a “victim”… to being the person your ATTACKER should be afraid of!
  • How to use the creative powers of your brain to pre-program yourself to respond effectively when threatened!
  • Applying “combat mind-set principles” to your everyday life as well as all other survival scenarios you may face!
  • Real-world training tips to harness the power of your mind to make fear work FOR you – instead of against you – in a real attack!

Don’t let all your training suffer from the lack of the psychological foundation you need to put it into action when it’s needed the most.

Use these tactics TODAY – in your training – and be confident that fear will be your friend when you need backup in an attack!

Have You Ever Had To “Conquer Fear”?

How Did You Do It?  Please Share Your Experience And Tips Below Now…

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