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The Do-Or-Die TRUTH About Women’s Firearms Training Programs

Jeff Anderson
Editor, MCS Mag

Let’s face it…

Women are considered an “easier target” for the predators that walk our streets and creep around our local business’s parking lots.

That’s probably why more and more women are choosing to increase their odds of being able to fight back by getting a personal defense firearm.

But like any weapon… it’s only as powerful as the one who wields it, right?

And when it comes to finding the right “kind” of firearms training for women, it can be pretty intimidating to join the “good ‘ol boy’s club” down at the range.

To find a more productive approach to making women more confident with their guns, we talked to women’s firearms trainer and expert Susan Carrichner-Rexrode who had something to say about…

The Do-Or-Die TRUTH About Women’s
Firearms Training Programs For Self-Protection…


Women have some tough decisions to make when choosing to protect themselves from attackers in the real world.

Sure, we get it that guys are bigger and stronger than we are (typically) and will likely overpower us if it’s a muscle vs. muscle scenario.

For this reason, a firearm can even the odds and give women a fighting chance at surviving a physical assault.

But I’ve often found that women are hesitant to choose a firearm for self defense because they think they “can’t use a gun” to defend themselves.

But almost just as worse is the scenario where a woman chooses a firearm… goes down to the range… and feels like they’re “ready” for a real attack because they learned how to punch a nice, neat hole in a piece in a paper target.

But here’s the problem…

Paper “Range Targets” Don’t Fight Back!

Hitting a small target is a fine thing and range training can help you become more familiar with your firearm’s mechanics.

But if that’s the extent of your training, it can give you a false sense of security for what you’re really going to face if you’re really attacked by a violent criminal.

It’s not going to be like it was down at the relaxed environment of your local gun range.

You must recognize the fact that the situation isn’t going to be where you can stand up, get in your stance, take a shot, look and see how you hit, breathe, reevaluate and start over.

You’re likely going to have a very hard time even getting to your firearm.

(By the way… don’t feel bad – guys can be just as clueless about this ‘tactical fact’.)

Here’s What To Expect In A Real Attack…

In the type of attack that’s going to require you to possibly shoot your weapon in self-defense, you must realize that your very life is on the line.

As a woman, your attacker, more than likely, will be bigger than you, and will have something in their mind that they WANT.

That could be your money, it could be your body, or it could your life.

Your heart is going to be jumping through your chest… your adrenaline will go through the roof… and your dexterity with fine-motor skills is going to drastically take a nose-dive.

This will make it significantly harder for you to do things that otherwise would feel comfortable to you – like drawing your weapon… getting a sight picture… pulling the trigger… even getting to your keys to open your car door to escape.

In fact, I’ve seen people considered completely “comfortable” with firearms who, when they have to qualify for a test on the firing line, start making all kinds of rookie mistakes.

And that’s just trying to take a test… let alone having to DEFEND THEIR LIVES!

So what CAN you do to make sure your skills are there when it’s do-or-die time?

Women – Here’s How To Prepare For A Real Attack…

1. Master Your “Will To Survive”

The first obstacle women must overcome is that little voice that may tell them they’re “powerless” against an attacker – even if they’re a much larger, stronger man.

Your life IS worth saving… and with proper training, you’re just as deadly as any man out there.

But you must believe it first – and then…

2. Be Ready To “Flip The Switch”

Choosing to carry and train with a firearm doesn’t mean you have to become “G.I. Jane”.

Attacks against women are often an “ambush” when you least expect it.

You’ll be going about your daily life: shopping for groceries… going in and out of the workplace… lounging around your home – and when you least expect it, you could be attacked.

Increasing your sense of awareness to what’s going on around you will help.

But when you’re ambushed, you must be able to quickly “flip the switch” and pull out that ferocious resolve to survive in order to fight off your attacker and get to your gun.

And that takes special training to back it up…

3. Train For “Real Attacks” With Your Firearm

Range training is great for learning the basics and becoming intimately familiar with your firearm so its use becomes second nature.

But as you now know, your skills won’t be as dependable under the duress of a real attack.

For this, you’re going to have to seek out more realistic training courses that will help simulate – in a safe environment – what you can expect to face in a do-or-die attack by a violent predator.

I’m talking about the type of force-on-force simulated training that will make you “feel” like its the real thing.

Sure, it takes guts to take that first step – but we’re talking about your life, right?

After training more than 18,000 women in realistic firearms training, I can tell you with full confidence that you CAN do it – and you MUST do it – if your true goal is to survive at all costs.

Women… Have You Ever Taken A Realistic Firearms Training Course?

Please Share Your Experiences Below Now…

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