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Is The U.S. Government Continuing To Conduct A Secret Gun Control Program?

Most gun owners have experienced ammunition shortages at big box firearms retailers and local gun stores in the past few years.

While some industry experts claim the shortages are simply due to a normal increase in consumer demand, Keith Jacobs, the founder of Ammo Independence, says “secret gun control” tactics are also to blame.

Is The U.S. Government Continuing To Conduct A Secret Gun Control Program?

Government Bullet Hoarding

According to Jacobs, the US government has created false scarcity in ammunition markets by driving down the supply of ammo through major federal agency ammo purchases.

“In 2013, the Department of Homeland Security placed a purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammo,” said Jacobs. “According to an article in Forbes Magazine, that was 20 times the amount of ammo used in any year of the Iraqi war… yet it was purchased for future use on American soil.”

But it didn’t stop there…

Jacobs said since that initial ammo purchase order, other federal government agencies have followed in ordering alarming quantities of ammunition, and not from agencies you’d think even need ammo, like…

  • The United States Post Office put in an order to purchase assorted small arms ammunition
  • Last year the Social Security Administration ordered a mind-boggling quantity of .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point bullets!

There are only a few explanations for these massive government ammunition buys, according to Jacobs.

“In my opinion, there are only two reasons the government would be stockpiling this much ammo,” said Jacobs. “The first reason is that they’re planning for some major crisis or war on our own soil, which is downright scary. The second reason is that they’re buying up this ammo to drive down the overall supply of ammo and keep it out of the hands of American gun owners.”

Jacobs said he believes the federal ammo buys are part of secret gun control plan that also includes using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to close down a major manufacturer in the United States ammunition industry.

“Late last year, the EPA forced the Doe Run Company to close its lead smelting facility in Missouri and this closure now forces ammunition manufacturers to import lead from other parts of the world,” said Jacobs. “This essentially means the federal government now controls the ammunition markets in our country through international trade policies and tariffs.”

According to Jacobs, the agency ammo purchases along with the EPA closure of the lead facility are all part of a secret backdoor gun control plan by the federal government.

“Yes, I believe the current administration came to the realization a while ago that it wasn’t going to be able to reform gun laws by working through Congress,” said Jacobs. “That’s when it came up with this plan to control the firearms industry by controlling the supply of its most essential component: ammo.”

Jacobs has released details to expose the government’s secret gun control program on his website.

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