Uh-Oh Glock! This Girl's Gun Might Be So Sexy It Could Give You Performance Anxiety

Uh-Oh Glock! This Girl’s Gun Might Be So Sexy It Could Give You Performance Anxiety

He’s going for a gun.

To survive, you don’t have seconds… you have a fraction of a second.

Bobble the draw… fail to rack the slide… fumble for the safety… screw anything up and you die.

THAT’s the reality of a gunfight, and the fact is, you’ve got to be able to deploy your gun with as little delay as possible if a threat to your life — or to your family — suddenly presents itself.

When it comes to extreme close-quarters gunfights, some guns are better suited to split-second self-defense than others.

The Glock is one of these guns.

But now there are several new models flooding the market that are making Glock nervous – here’s one of them…

Walther PPS Handgun Review

One of the easiest and best ways to drastically reduce your response time in a real gunfight is to carry a weapon with a round in the chamber so you don’t have to waste precious fractions of a second getting a bullet loaded when you’ve been ambushed.

But a lot of people get nervous about carrying concealed with a round in the chamber in a gun that has no external safety system.

One of the guns we recommend is the Walther PPQ (or the slimmer concealed carry PPS).

Is The Walther PPQ & PPS A “Gunfighter’s” Gun?

This polymer-framed 9mm has all the advantages the Glock has and then some, including:

  • Three internal safeties include an integrated trigger safety, striker block firing pin safety, and disconnector safety so you don’t have to worry about accidental discharge – even if you drop it.
  • The external integrated trigger safety doesn’t require you to “flip a switch” to put the weapon into action to defend yourself.
  • The pistol has a loaded chamber indicator that tells you when a round is in the pipe.

When you consider all these high-tech features, even a slightly skittish user can quickly get over his reservations about carrying chamber-loaded with a striker-fired pistol.

There are more handguns that fit our “split-second gunfight requirements” besides the Walther, but this is one of the sexier ones.

They feel great in your hand and they’re deadly accurate when your life depends on them!

What Other Handgun Hardware Are You Betting Your Life On?

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