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Weird “Millwall” Improvised Survival Weapon (REALLY WORKS!)

This weekend, I was screwing around on the internet doing some research on “improvised weapons” and found one that I never thought would actually work, but worth a shot.

Boy was I surprised!

Now, the weapon I experimented with this weekend is called a “Millwall Brick”, named after the fans of a south London soccer team who used to make this inside the stadium back in the 60’s and 70’s if things turned nasty and they had to start cracking some rival teams’ skulls.

But I tried something different with it and with just a newspaper, a rock, and some duct tape, actually created…

The “Millwall Club/Ax” Improvised Survival Weapon!

improvised survival weapon materials

All you need is a regular size newspaper rolled up lengthwise as tight as you can make it.

(Note – It’s best to first wet the newspaper sheets because it helps you to roll them tighter and it adds weight to the paper.  If you’re at a football game, beer will do in a pinch. 🙂

With the regular “Millwall Brick”, all you’d do is fold it in half and use it as an improvised “baton”.

Roll The Newspaper Into A Millwall Brick

Surprisingly hard and effective, trust me!

But then I tried something different…

Before I taped the Millwall up, I first stuck a rock in the folded end to form a hard “club”.

To Make An Improvised Survival Weapon Club - Add A Rock

Then wrapped it tight with the duct tape, leaving each end of the rock exposed.

This created a brutal, 12″ club (or improvised axe if I had found a sharper rock) that even made my BOB training dummy look cross-eyed after a good thwapping!

I’d hate to be on the losing end of a solid swipe from this thing, let me tell you!

The Finished Improvised Survival Weapon Millwall Brick Club

It just goes to show that all you need is a little creativity and some everyday items most people would never look twice at to come up with a survival weapon that you can use to defend yourself even if you don’t have access to a gun or knife (or tomahawk)!

Give this bad boy a try for yourself and let me know what you think!

What Other Improvised Survival Weapons Could You Make With These 3 Items?

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