What To Expect (And How to SURVIVE) After the Grid Goes Down

What To Expect (And How to SURVIVE !) After the Grid Goes Down

The grid has been down for two months…

Your neighbors are getting increasingly desperate… and you’ve seen things you can hardly believe…

You’ve seen little children who look gaunt and starved like concentration camp prisoners you’ve seen people harvesting tree bark and families eating their shoes to survive…you’ve seen ugly cruelties you didn’t think your neighbors were capable of… 

Perhaps worst of all there is no end in sight and no one is coming to save you. 

You’re entirely on your own… in a world without electricity.

Just how desperate will the struggle between life and death be after the grid goes down?

How do YOU plan to survive?

No One Is Coming to Save You! Start Preparing for Grid Failure Today!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How fast will the cities run out of food… for good?
  • Why you can’t count on emergency services — or even the United States military!
  • The simple, low-tech way a single nutjob could take out critical grid chokepoints, collapsing the entire grid!
  • How making regular trips to a local B&B can help you to prepare for grid down event!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Whether you’re a power hog or a low-impact off-gridder, this week’s episode is chock full of knowledge you’ll need when the grid goes down.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are You Preparing For The Grid To Go Down? Got Any Secrets Of Off-Grid Survival To Share?
Let Us Know How You’re Preparing for Grid Collapse…

  • Lyle Giese says:

    Want to know how many spare 55,000 high voltage transformers there are in the world? ZERO. they are made to order and none are made in the USA. Lead time exceeds 1 year and probably 2-3 years if more than one is destroyed.

  • Another thing to worry about are the hydroelectric facilities. With no functional grid they will have to shutdown to protect the generators. So taking out the transformers that feed hydroelectric power to the grid would be enough to backout major areas. And I believe the number of transformers is 14. I also read that taking down high voltage towers at 3 points would kill the entire East Coast plus the section of Eastern Canada that shares connections.

  • David C. Telliho says:

    9….9 of the key ones will shut down most everything. A high altitude nuc. would produce that EMP and throw us into the dark. I`d guess, most of our population would starve,and those who didn`t, would turn to what ever they had to do to survive. In our small village,we have an annual picnic. The women started the conversation about these likely events. They were sharing what they have,stores,skills, etc..I think it is the women who will take charge and see to it we survive. I thank you for the drills, & I share them w/friends. Thank you for being YOU !

  • The push for Digital-Only Financials & Transactions, is a nightmare in the making.
    A lot of people will lose their mind, as they base their whole life value by $$$$. Suicides was huge during the 1929 stock market crash. With the huge of mentally weak people today, many times more will die from suicide or doing stupid things.
    Suicide and suicide missions will kill many before the starvation does.The poor have the advantage as they live already in a dire state. Whereas the wealthy (those earning more than $30,000/year) have no experience with real hunger or living without basic resources/money. The culture shock will be many times more intense for them.

  • This is a timely episode, The World Economic Forum has predicted or announced a major cyber attack in the next 24 months, it could be on the financial system or power grid. As much as I hate the WEF and their globalist schemes I do take them at their word as they predicted and planned for a global pandemic and 3 months later Covid was unleashed. Glen Beck was had been discussing this a lot on his shows as well, yesterday he had William Forstchen who is also an expert in this topic and wrote the book One Second After that may be worth checking out. I did get the audio of Survial Theory that I’m listening to right now, great info.

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