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Why VETERANS think we’re LYING to them…

This might shock you, but I learned this the hard way:

The single biggest obstacle in trying to help soldiers suffering from PTSD…

Isn’t actually getting them the help they need.

It’s getting them to believe that ANYTHING can work.

When you tell them you’ve found something that CAN help them, they often think you’re lying.

But I could not be more serious.

See, for a while now, I’ve been telling you about the 501(c)(3) non-profit I started, Operation Save Our Soldiers, so I could help OTHER combat veterans find the same solution I did.

The reason it matters?

Because the existing VA and DoD treatments are NOT effective.

Earlier this year, in fact, there was a report published in JAMA Insights.

It said that the psychotherapy approaches that the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense consider “front-line treatments for military-related PTSD…

…Well, they don’t work for up to two-thirds of patients!

Can you imagine how staggering a number that is?

For 2 out of every 3 vets suffering from PTSD, the treatments their government claims are best for them simply aren’t helping them.

These men and women have been through the system.

They’ve taken the pills.

They’ve learned that “talk therapy” doesn’t work.

I know because it happened to ME!

Our current veteran’s healthcare system – while doing the best they know “how” – hasn’t stopped our daily average of 20-22 veterans who commit suicide as they give up hope on ever ending their pain.

In fact, while we lost 7,000 soldiers in over 20 years of combat…

we’ve lost over 79,000 soldiers to “veteran suicide” in this same time period!

I know you’ll agree that this CAN’T go on, right?

Well, I’m doing something about it – and I hope you’ll help…

You see, a couple years ago, I discovered a virtual “cure” for Combat PTSD.

No drugs… not YEARS of “talk therapy”… no hypnosis… no weird probes…

It was a groundbreaking new technique that used simple “brain science” to essentially rewire my thinking and eliminate the “triggers” that were causing my PTSD.

And it happened in just ONE 2-HOUR SESSION!

It was almost too good to be true!

My entire LIFE changed from that moment on!

So much so that I started my own 501(c)(3) non-profit (Operation Save Our Soldiers) so I could help OTHER combat veterans find the same solution I did.

(If you want more info, here’s my OPSOS charity’s website…)

And with the help of our Operation Save Our Soldiers donors, soldiers pay NOTHING for the help they receive at the “Warrior Retreats”.


The way we see it, our veterans have already paid the price, and it’s our commitment as proud, patriotic Americans to help them reclaim their lives when they come back home from duty.

To save their family… their careers… and often their very lives!

Most of our contributions come from patriots just like YOU, giving small tax-deductible donations.

That means from time to time, we have to ask for your help – and TODAY is one of those days…

Can our veterans count on you to make even just a $5 tax-deductible donation today to help directly sponsor a soldier for our next “Warrior Retreat”?

100% of your gift goes DIRECTLY to sponsoring a soldier!

I personally pay ALL of our admin expenses so that you never have to wonder if your money is going into someone else’s pocket.

In other words, every single penny you’re able to help with goes straight to changing a combat veteran’s life!

It goes straight to reuniting “broken” families – giving a spouse and children back the husband, wife, dad, or mom they thought they’d lost after going overseas to fight for our country.

Many people “talk” about supporting our troops.

This is one small, simple way that you can really DO something about it my friend.

Thank you for ANY help you can give!

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