MCS 183 - Defending The AR-15 From The Ban!

MCS 183 – Defending The AR-15 From The Ban!

Yes, the AR-15 is once again under attack!

In the ongoing gun control debate, the AR consistently gets whacked the hardest as an “assault rifle” whose only purpose should be to mow down enemy combatants on the battlefield.

I can tell you that this one topic has quite a few heated debates in my own household – particularly after ANOTHER horrific mass-shooting in a Florida High School.

So it’s time for another one of my personal rants in response to an article I saw about how the AR-15 is an “insane” choice for personal defense.

And I’ll warn you…

Some of my answers may shock you!

And I’d ALSO like to hear YOUR views in the comments below.

We’re all in this together – for the safety (AND security!) – of those we love.

BANNED?: The AR-15 And Home Defense

Defending The AR-15's Gun Control Attack!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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How Do We Keep “Crazies With Guns” From Killing?

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