AR15 / AK47 Carbines: How A "Home Defense" Rifle Could Get You Killed

AR15 / AK47 Carbines: How A “Home Defense” Rifle Could Get You Killed

I get asked questions like this all the time:

Jeff, what’s the best handgun for CCW?

Jeff, what’s the best flashlight for melting a guy’s face off?

Jeff, what’s the best knife for gutting a tauntaun so you can spend the night on planet Hoth in sub-freezing temperatures?

And more recently, I was asked about the best rifle for home defense.

But my answer may actually surprise you, because as much as I like a good rifle or carbine…

…the best rifle for home defense actually might not be a “rifle” at all!

Let me explain…

3 Ways The Best Home Defense Rifle …Isn’t One!

Best Home Defense Rifle
Best Home Defense Rifle

See, here’s the problem.

A lot of armed citizens know that an AR15 or AK47 is a powerful weapon, especially if you’re facing multiple attackers.

So they’ll put a rifle aside somewhere in the house…

…and they think they’re done!

The problem is, if you don’t consider these 3 potential problems with an AR or AK rifle or carbine for home defense…

…you could end up caught off guard and KILLED in a home invasion.

There are 3 reasons this is true:

1. You HAVE To Know Your Backstops

When it comes to bullets, the average home is pretty much made of cardboard.

A pistol bullet will pass through most interior walls.

It will even go through most OUTSIDE walls and doors.

A lot of people argue that AR and AK rounds will penetrate even MORE (although this is one of those tastes great/less filling arguments among gun people).

Even if true, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an AR or AK for home defense, but it DOES mean you have to know your backstops no matter WHAT gun you use.

Good backstops are things like bookcases full of books, major appliances, and other things that will absorb and stop gunfire.

If you haven’t walked your home looking for these “safe” lanes of fire with your rifle, you could end up firing through multiple walls and hit your own family members in a home invasion.

2. You Have To STAGE It Correctly

In most homes, it isn’t safe to just leave a rifle lying around in the open.

Even hidden, if it isn’t secured, somebody who invades your home could find and use that weapon against you.

But rifles are looong, and that makes them awkward to “stage” unless you buy, for example, a rifle case with a quick-access lock (or a full-on gun safe).

Shorter weapons are easier to stage securely because you can fit them inside locking cases or other setups… but of course, unless you have a short-barreled rifle, you’re out of luck.


(Well, maybe not – but we’ll get to that in a second.)

3. Full-Length Rifles Are Awkward In Close Spaces

The biggest disadvantage of full-length rifles and carbines in your home is that their length makes it awkward to move through your house.

(Especially in, say, a cramped apartment, the length of the carbine can put you at a real disadvantage.)

But there’s a solution that addresses all three of these issues…

…while still giving you all the advantages of an AR or AK (in terms of ergonomics, stopping power, optics, etc.).

That’s a short-barreled weapon you know as an AR pistol.

An AR pistol is legal because it’s sold as a pistol, not a rifle, but it’s essentially a short rifle with a brace on the back.

You still get the firepower of an AR or AK (yes, there are AK pistol variants).

You still get the optics and accessory options of the rifle.

You can more easily “stage” the weapon because it’s so much shorter… and you absolutely can maneuver more easily in close quarters with it.

These are 3 reasons why you might choose an AR pistol over a full-length AR – giving you the advantage that could keep you alive in a home invasion.

But there’s another problem.

AR pistols aren’t all that common (although they are becoming more and more popular).

There simply isn’t that much available out there on how to use the AR pistol for self-defense and home-defense.

Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson

One person I know who HAS put out a bunch of great tips and tricks for the AR pistol is former CIA officer Jason Hanson.

(I shared a message from him with you not that long ago, in fact, and he’s been on our podcast before.)

Well, Jason’s AR pistol tips come in two different formats depending on what you like:

If you want to watch it on DVD, click here.

If you’d rather read it in a book, click here instead.

No matter which one you pick, though, this information can REALLY help you.

And if you don’t have an AR pistol, you STILL want this information, because it’s chocked full of great tips and tricks for how to operate with your weapon no matter what your gun of choice.

Home defense threats are greater than ever right now, so this is information that can really help you protect yourself and your family.

Don’t miss out. Give it a look now – and get ready to defend your home against ANY threat.

What Is Your Go-To Home Defense Weapon? Why?

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