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MCS 237 – Three New “Ammo Hacks” For Personal Defense And Survival



Without ’em, that Master Blaster 5000 firearm is just a big ‘ol paperweight, right?

From personal defense to survival, there’s a never-ending evolution of ammunition advancements in both actual ammo and gadgets to work WITH your ammo.

In fact, for this week’s podcast episode, I got permission from one of our New World Patriot Alliance members, George Perry, to share a few of his best discoveries in the area of ammunition that I’ve personally added to my own arsenal.

Ammo Technology: Personal Defense and Survival

Personal Defense And Survival Ammunition
Check Out These Cool New Finds For Personal Defense & Survival Ammo!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • A new kind of “expandable ammo”… that isn’t hollow! (Could this be a better “man stopper” without the #1 downfall of the traditional expanding hollow points?)
  • Got a Ruger 10-22 rifle? Live in a “gun-hating” state? Then you’re gonna LOVE this handy “hub” gizmo that will get you back up to 30 rounds without breaking the law!
  • A handy-dandy survival bullet “transmogrifier”! One gadget that transforms any .22 rimfire round into THREE different “mission-specific” bullets!

I always say that some of my best advice comes straight from our NWPA members, podcast listeners, and social media commenters.

I think you’ll find these latest finds to be a welcome addition to your own personal defense and survival firearms arsenal!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Have Any OTHER “Bullet Hacks” You’ve Personally Discovered?

Please Share Your Best Ammunition & Gadget Tips In The Comments Below Now…

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