MCS 223 - A New Look At Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition Load-Out

MCS 223 – A New Look At Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition Load-Out

Do you carry a concealed handgun?If so, what type of ammunition do you have loaded in it?

That choice is often a hotly debated topic and the ballistic testing behind the best type of ammunition for your personal defense handgun is always open for argument.

But we’re gonna go a few steps beyond just the “science”…

In this week’s podcast episode, my friend, Ox (the “mad scientist” of tactical firearms), takes concealed carry ammo load-out to an “art”, with tactical insights on how to personalize your own carry ammunition for real-world attacks

Rethinking Your CCW Load-Out

Best Concealed Carry Handgun Ammunition
The Best Way To Personalize Your Concealed Carry Handgun Ammo Load-Out!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why you might want to re-think loading just one type of ammunition in your handgun
  • Live in a remote area? Hear what Ox loads for facing a 7,000lb “attacker” in the woods!
  • 9mm vs. .45: Should old-timers stop being “science deniers”?
  • The “military ammo secret” for making sure you never hear the “click” that signals you’re in big trouble!

This interview was a blast for me and really made me re-think my own personal carry ammo.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ammo tips as well!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Ammunition Do YOU Load Into Your Concealed Carry Handgun?

Please Share Your Best CCW Ammo Tips Below Now…

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