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MCS 203 – 5 Fast, Effective D.I.Y. “Handgun Hacks”

Ok, now THIS is going to be fun…Over the years, I’ve rubbed elbows and shared “secrets” with some biggest-names in the firearms world about various “handgun mods” we’ve all tried.

Some were “weird” (yet effective)… some were a bit too far-fetched (even for me!)… but most were simply badass!

This week, I want to share with you 5 of the best “handgun hacks” I’ve stumbled across in my travels and training… AND I want to hear YOUR best tips as well!

(In fact, I’ll even reward a handful of you who come up with the coolest tips and leave them on our podcast page! Details are inside this week’s podcast…)

5 Fast And Easy DIY Handgun Hacks

Best Tactical Handgun Hacks
Check Out These 5 Best Tactical Handgun Hacks!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How a kid’s skateboard can help you overcome one of the “harsh realities” of a gunfight that most handgun holders never even realize is a factor in your survival!
  • A simple tip from a Delta Force operator that will cut your target acquisition time in HALF! (I made this change the very first day it was given to me… and it instantly revolutionized my close-quarters tactics!)
  • Cut your target-acquisition time even MORE with this cheapo “racing car” version of a common, expensive add-on most pros are using!
  • A Navy SEAL’s answer to “aim small, miss small” that can help you get bulls-eye shots – even at extended distances!
  • Grab a tube of superglue and a small nail! You’re gonna want to try this unusual “finger-framing” tip I borrowed from a legendary gunfight guru”!

Keep an open mind and experiment with any (or ALL) of these fast, effective “handgun hacks”!

And don’t forget to leave your OWN tips on the blog!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Ok, Time To Hear YOUR Best “Handgun Hacks” To Prepare For A Real Gunfight!

Please Share Your Best Do-It-Yourself Tips Below Now…

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