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CCW Pistol Gear: STOP Buying This Wal-Mart Special…

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Our readers tell us they LOVE our articles on concealed carry and close quarters shooting, so I’ve resolved to put up more of that kind of material.

I’m always collecting tips for better CCW.

These ideas don’t always have enough to them to be their own article, but I figured I would collect 3 tips for today’s blog post.

Some of these you may have thought about already, but I’m willing to bet there’s at least one you haven’t…


ccw concealed carry pistol tips
ccw concealed carry pistol tips

1. Keys In Your Pocket

When you’re carrying concealed, your outer garment – your cover garment – has to be cleared before you can draw, right?

Well, if you’re wearing a pullover of some kind, you’ve got to yank it upward.

If you’re wearing a more normal jacket, though, you’ll basically sweep it aside to get to your gun.

One thing that makes that easier is to keep some weight in the pocket on that side.

Get in the habit of keeping your keys, or something else with some weight, in the pocket on the strong side.

That will help you swing the garment out and away while you draw your gun.

2. What’s Your Backup?

Many of us carry more than just a gun – and if you don’t, you need to consider a “less lethal” backup.

Whether it’s pepper spray, some kind of impact weapon, or maybe a stun gun, it pays to have a weapon that won’t necessarily take someone’s life.

Some of the altercations you’ll have are with people who have “bad attitudes” – from drugs, alcohol, road rage over a “stolen” parking space… whatever it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean your life is in danger.

In those situations, you want a “force multiplier” that can help “readjust” the other guy’s attitude without killing him.

(That’s why police carry pepper spray and tasers.)

Carry it in a location that is just as accessible as your gun, and remember that it isn’t “non-lethal,” but “less lethal.”

That means accidents can and have happened, so don’t use these tools casually.

3. Stop Wearing Wal-Mart Belts

Most of us grow up wearing ordinary leather belts.

What you find out over time is that the more weight you put on a belt, the more the holes stretch out.

Over time, every big-box store leather belt you’ll own will become a stretched out mess.

Well, stop buying those leather belts from Wal-Mart.

If you carry a gun, you need a high-quality gunbelt.

I would recommend something like an off-duty concealment belt, such as the 5.11 TDU.

Not only do these belts offer more support than a “normal” belt, but they don’t limit you to specific peg holes, so you can adjust them to fit you comfortably no matter what you’re wearing (or eating).

Okay, that’s it for today’s post.

I’m always looking for more great information for you, so please stop back every day to check out our daily MCS posts, okay?

Stay safe out there.

What Is Your Best CCW Tip? Can You Think Of Something New?

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