CCW Tactics For Real Gunfights: Dad Drops BABY... Then Draws His Gun!

CCW Tactics For Real Gunfights: Dad Drops BABY… Then Draws His Gun!

It was a life-or-death decision few men would have the cajones to make…

Shield your 1 y.o. daughter with a white-knuckle grip while being viciously beaten by 4 thugs?

Or DROP HER to fight to your gun?!

That’s the exact choice one young father had to make as he was brutally attacked by 4 thugs in a local McDonalds parking lot.

As a father myself, this dad’s story plays out like my worst nightmare…

… and for those of us who carry a gun to protect ourselves and those we love, this attack offers…

A Serious “Wake-Up Call” For Concealed Carry Gun Owners…

Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights - Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun
Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights – Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun

It was 1:30 on a bright, sunny Spring afternoon when 21 y.o. Martavious Conner took his infant daughter to a local McDonalds for a treat.

“As I’m leaving out, someone asked me for a lighter,” Conner explained.

That wasn’t a random request.

Conner had no idea that he was being watched, carefully selected… and lured into a trap!

He was “the perfect target” for an ambush!

Waiting in the parking lot was 21 y.o. Ladarius Pugues (not pictured) and his partners, Cortez Cole, Terrell Pullen, and Quinton Webb – four scumbag thugs with a long history of crime and violence.

Concealed Carry Story - Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)
Concealed Carry Story – Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)

Caught off-guard, Conner was instantly swarmed by the four attackers – viciously choked, beaten, and pistol-whipped as he clung to his daughter with a white-knuckle grip to shield her from the blows.

“I was to the ground losing consciousness, but hearing my baby holler – that’s what kept me <fighting>,” Conner said.

Outnumbered and unarmed, he knew he couldn’t last long… and had to do SOMETHING before he and his daughter were killed!

Conner’s only chance for survival was his gun he had hidden under the seat of his car while he went into the restaurant.

But there was just one problem…

He needed both hands to get to, and deploy, his weapon… yet they were the only thing shielding his daughter from the barrage of blows by four monsters who were not giving up the fight.

Conner took instant action…

Dropping his daughter, he scrambled into the car for his gun.

Pulling it from under his seat while being dragged out by his attackers, he wasn’t able to “aim” his weapon – but managed to pull the trigger and get a single round into both legs of one of his attackers.

But the fight wasn’t over…

In a sudden twist of fate, one of the men managed to wrestle the weapon away from Conner… and pointed it at his head!

That should have been the end for this young father…

Yet, in an unbelievable stroke of luck, the gun jammed in the hands of the attacker and Conner’s life – and his daughter’s – were saved.

The four men – one now bleeding on the pavement – piled into their black Infinity and sped away to escape, later to be arrested when they stopped at a fire station to get medical attention for their wounded friend.

Conner and his daughter were lucky.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to rely on “luck” to protect me and my family… and as a father myself, this story scares the ever-loving sh*t out of me.

This guy even had to drop his baby and fight off multiple attackers before he could engage them with his weapon!

What this means is that knowing how to draw, aim, and shoot your gun is not enough.

In other words, you’ve got to know how to FIGHT to your gun!

Now let me be very clear here…

You do NOT need to be some “black belt” in karate to be able to fight to your gun in an ambush!

In reality, the simpler the technique, the better because all that adrenaline shooting through your veins won’t allow you to pull off any complicated “fight moves” anyway.

As a matter of fact, when I developed our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, I show how all those fancy tactical moves most firearms instructors are showing their students could actually get you KILLED if you try them in a real attack.

How do I know?

Because we looked at hundreds of video footage and the analysis of over 6,000 real-world gunfights to discover what REALLY works in a no-warning ambush… and what led to the death or injury of the victims we reviewed.

Then we pressure-tested dozens of “traditional” techniques being taught and when it all comes down to it, I’ve found that ONE MOVE is all you really need to be able to gain the space you need to draw your weapon – even against multiple attackers… and even if you’re being swarmed by an onslaught of blows!

It’s not hard – and it doesn’t require a lot of strength – but it’ll knock any attacker flat on his ass and get your gun in your hands lightning fast!

(Note: If you have our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, be sure to go to “Factor 3” to see the technique.)

The point here is that limiting your training and tactics to square-range paper-target shooting will NOT prepare you for fighting off these types of criminals.

There isn’t enough space here to go into all of the 7 “Life Or Death” Factors we uncovered in our research and development of our CQC gunfighting system, but if you’re interested, you can get more information here…

The only thing I ask is that you keep an open mind because a LOT of the training we go over could actually be the OPPOSITE of what you’ve heard from other instructors in the past.

However, we go into “no b.s.” details for exactly WHY these methods are superior to other tactics so you can make your own decisions based on real-world analysis and pressure-testing.

If you’re an open-minded shooter (or if you’re always looking to fine-tune your current skills), then I highly recommend you check out this training now, ok?

I know you’ll walk away with a lot more confidence in your skills.

Think about that the next time you’re walking with your kids or grandkids.

I know I will.

Have YOU Ever Been Taken By Surprise “On The Street?”

Please Share Your Stories Below…

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